Blocking Public DNS: Fritz!Box Router

Many people have a question, how to block public DNS, as this may be necessary for work.

In this post, we will consider one of the options. To block public DNS, we will use the Fritz!Box, this software is used in the routers of AVM GmbH company.

This is a product from the series of routers of the German company AVM GmbH located in Berlin. Fritz!Box brand products account for 68% of the router market in Germany. Most of the model range is oriented to the German market and works on the principle of ADSL-over-ISDN, which is widely used in Germany, at a time when the world market is more focused on products that work on the principle of ADSL-over-POTS with an analogue Internet connection.

Below we will tell you step by step how to block public DNS.

Blocking Public DNS: Fritz!box Router

These are the static routes you need to block Google DNS on the Fritz!box.
Login and open settings

Login to your router.

Click “Network” in the “Home Network” menu, then select the “Network Settings” tab.

Select "IPv4 Routes”, click "New IPv4 Route"

Scroll down and select “IPv4 Routes” Click the “New IPv4 Route” button.

 Add the following data

Add the following to the Route list:.

    • Network/Host IP =
    • Netmask =
    • Gateway = your router IP or add 1 to the last number of your router IP. So if your router IP is the last number of your router IP is 1 (1 + 1 = 2 ) so your getaway IP will be
    • Enable the option “IPv4 route active”.
  1. Please then repeat the steps for Googles secondary DNS –
  2. Click “OK” to save the settings.
  3. Please note: If you cannot access the settings you will have to enable “Expert Mode”.
Test the static routes

Now that you have entered the static routes, you need to test the static routes to make sure that they are successfully blocking Google DNS.

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