#CryptoLeaks – scandalous “Operation Rubikon”: CIA & BND have been spying on over 120 countries!

This outcome of media research is scandalous! The German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) and the CIA have been spying on more than 120 countries for almost 15 years! From 1970 to 1993, under the motto #CryptoLeaks, the encrypted communication of European and Third World countries was overheard – thanks to manipulated encryption devices!

Hundreds of thousands of encrypted mes CryptoLeaks by the CIA sages eavesdropped

The so-called “Operation Rubikon” was uncovered of the ZDF, the Swiss TV station SRF and the Washington Post. The media also have 280 pages of secret files of the two secret services, which serve as evidence for #CryptoLeaks. These files show that hundreds of thousands of encrypted messages of the military, governments, authorities, and diplomats have been spied on. Including countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Argentina, and Austria.

#CryptoLeaks highly successful intelligence operation

Instead of keeping their messages a secret, the #CryptoLeaks victims were listened to by the CIA and the BND in for years … And these were also quite happy about their success – according to the files, “Operation Rubicon was one of the most successful intelligence operations of the post-war period”.

How could #CryptoLeaks happen?

Unbelievable, but true: Switzerland, always so neutral, was at the core of the evil. The company “Crypto AG”, the market leader in bugproof encryption devices and always controversial because of its rumored secret service connections. However, “Crypto AG” did not belong to just anybody, but was bought by the CIA and the BND via a Liechtenstein foundation to cover their activities.

“Bugproof” encryption devices with espionage effect

There were two types of encryption devices: one that was bugproof. But these genuine devices were sold in a minority. Not surprisingly, Switzerland, for example, received such devices. The majority of other countries were sold spy devices. Yes, you read that correctly: SOLD. Historian Prof. Richard Aldrich, who evaluated the files: “Operation Rubicon was one of the boldest and most scandalous operations, as over a hundred states paid billions of US dollars for their state secrets to be stolen.”

Wiretapping paid off – in negotiations and even wars

It is also clear from the secret documents that the bugging paid off in-state critical areas. The USA was able to make use of the findings in negotiations up to and including wars. For example, #CryptoLeaks played an important role in the US invasion of Panama, the Camp David negotiations and the negotiations in Iran in 1981 about the American hostages. The British also profited from espionage, they received essential information in connection with the Falkland War.

Crypto devices partly responsible for up to 70 % of the reconnaissance success

According to the secret service specialist Erich-Schmidt-Eenboom, the BND and CIA owed up to 70% of their reconnaissance successes to the crackable encryption devices #CryptoLeaks at certain times.

And what about the Federal Intelligence Service?

They remain silent. The German television station ZDF was only informed that the BND “does not comment publicly on matters concerning the operational work. So long …

When & how was “Operation Rubikon” stopped?

The encryption devices of the company Crypto were sold until December last year! After that, the Swiss government canceled the export licenses of Crypto International. The Federal Intelligence Service is said to have stopped the espionage cooperation in 1993. But no reason for the CIA to stop: Allegedly, the powerful secret service continued to sell its tampered devices until 2018 and used them to spy on other countries … But besides the CIA, numerous other secret services could be dangerous to our privacy. Therefore: Protect yourself and your data as well as possible! Using a VPN like the great newcomer Surfshark or streaming expert VyprVPN is a very important step to that goal!

Erstellt am: 02/13/2020

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