How to setup NAS on VyprVPN using PPTP?

NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a storage system built on the basis of the Linux operating system, which is perfect for working with a RAID controller.

The architecture of this device is based on the simultaneous work with several hard drives, as a consequence of the high data transfer speed. Thus, you can work with a large amount of data, while not losing the speed of downloading or uploading data.

Synology NAS devices can be connected to VyprVPN using OpenVPN or PPTP protocols. To connect your Synology NAS using PPTP, complete the following steps.

How to setup NAS on VyprVPN using PPTP protocol?

To connect Synology NAS using PPTP, please follow these steps according to our instructions.

Login to the Synology device

Control Panel

Click on Control Panel

Click the Network icon

Now you should click the Network icon

Network Interface

Click Network Interface at the top

Create VPN Profile

Now you should select Create and then Create VPN profile.

Select PPTP

Now you see the VPN Connection Method window. You should select PPTP.

Enter the information here

You can see a General Settings window. Please, enter the following information:
Profile name: just choose a name
Server Address: You can find a list of VyprVPN servers here
Username: use your log-in
Password: use your password

Check the options

Now it is necessary to check the following options:
Authentication: MS Chap v2
Encryption: Maximum MPPE (128 bit)
✓ Use default gateway on remote network
✓ Allow other network devices to connect through the Synology server’s internet connection
✓ Reconnect when the VPN connection is lost

After checking these options, click Apply and create the PPTP network interface.

Select the profile and click Connect

You should select the profile you have just created (you can have more than one profile, but it is possible to be connected to only one at a time). Click Connect.

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