“Kr00k”: New security gap in WLAN encryption

Kr00k: A gap in the WLAN encryption
Kr00k: A security gap in the WLAN encryption

Another security gap called Kr00k. This time it affects countless devices. Almost every device that can connect to the WLAN is affected by the error. It is advisable to make all updates immediately to be safe from hackers.

Kr00k and Krack

Already in 2018, there was a similar threat to WLAN connections, called “Krack”. It could be cleaned up by updates and was finally completely contained. Now there is a new vulnerability called “Kr00k”. It enables hackers to read encrypted information and inject data packets.

Countless devices are affected

“Kr00k” is in WLAN chips from the two manufacturers, Broadcom and Cypress. That means it hit countless devices. Products from Amazon, Google, Samsung, Apple, Raspberry, Xiaomi and even WiFi routers from ASUS and Huawei. The gap was also found for the first time in an Amazon Echo device which is equipped with a cypress chip. That was already at the beginning of 2019. Later, the same error was also found in Broadcom chips.

Good news and bad news

The security gap Kr00k can be easily closed by a software update. You should definitely do that. The two companies already started to fill the gap with updates in the last quarter of 2019. Nevertheless, there are still millions of devices that have not yet been made according to Eset researchers.

For this reason, we would like to ask everyone to carry out the new device update in any case! Also, we recommend using a VPN service like VyprVPN.

Erstellt am: 03/11/2020

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