NordLocker review: innovative NordVPN tool – new features 2020/2021

NordVPN was innovative again and not only launched NordPass this year but also a new encryption tool for Windows and macOS. NordLocker works like a small vault that encrypts data locally, but also in clouds like the Microsoft one. The promise of the new tool is: So simple that anyone can do it. We took a closer look at it in our NordLocker test!


Aim: Greater security & data protection

In any case, the idea of NordLocker is good: The encryption tool was created to avoid the risks of clouds on the one hand and to simplify encryption on the other. This should help users achieve greater security and data protection. No matter if you want to secure photos, videos or even secret business documents – you can encrypt everything with NordLocker and protect it from the eyes and access of others.

Download & installation

For our NordLocker test we first downloaded the tool from the NordLocker website. But for this, you need a user account that you have to create first. If you already have an account with NordVPN, you can use this login data. The download and installation of NordLocker are fast and easy.

NordLocker instruction

Straightforward interface

After opening it, the first look shows that NordLocker is a no-frills tool. It comes along quite straightforward and rudimentary. Not much for the eye, but who needs optics when the function is right.

Great encryption

And NordLocker has it all: The focus is on encryption and the tool has really played all the pieces to get the most out of it: The encryption of the files is done with AES-GCM, the file names are encrypted again with EME. For the master password, the innovative algorithm XSalsa20-Poly1305 MAC is used. That means you are doubly protected (two-factor protection), with the user account and the master key.

Save files locally & on clouds NordLocker Features

To encrypt files, you must first create a data vault. You can name this as you like. And it can be created locally on your hard drive, as well as for example in the Windows Cloud One Drive. To access your vault and your files you need the master key. In case you forget it, there is also a recovery key. If you forget it, you will lose all access to your data. Even NordVPN itself has no access to it! So: Watch out!


Drag & drop files

Now you will see an unadorned main window where you can drag and drop the files to be encrypted into your safe. If you imagine encryption to be slow and tedious, you are wrong. At least in the case of NordLocker: Because the whole thing works quickly and smoothly. And it’s really child’s play. Technical knowledge is not necessary.

NordLocker Drag & Drop

Share encrypted data & further functions

A further advantage is a possibility of sending encrypted data to others. This is done via a context menu. However, this sharing only works if the recipient is also a NordLocker user. The chosen user will receive a corresponding e-mail.

NordLocker sharing

But that’s all there is to functions. Just relatively rudimentary. But what’s pretty much going on is a search function. But what is not yet, can still become.

NordLocker cost

There is a NordLocker free tariff, what’s great. But with this, you are also quite limited by the amount of data. 5 GB is included, then you would have to switch to the relatively expensive payment plan. You’ll find more information on NordLocker cost on the official Website.

UPDATE – New Features since our test:

NordVPN has taken a look at how users use the tool in the first months since NordLocker was launched. Based on these findings the provider now introduce some practical innovations:

  • Search function: This important feature was missing – until now!
  • Drag & Drop: Add your files to your Locker even easier.
  • Select view: Decide for yourself whether you prefer to work with a list or a grid.
  • Dropbox Integration: This is the biggest innovation, you can now share your Lockers more easily in the cloud. After Dropbox as most important there will be more proven cloud providers to follow.
  • Home screen changes: You will now see your recent Lockers here.
  • Lower price: The premium rate is now $1.49 per month or $12 per year.
  • Optimization of the user interface: Thanks to sorting, additional columns and a settings window, NordLocker becomes more intuitive. Additionally, it is now possible to define how long you can be inactive before NordLocker locks itself automatically.

Great: own encrypted cloud available

In addition, the NordLocker team has invested a lot of time in preparing and testing for the launch of its own encrypted cloud storage. This major upgrade transforms NordLocker from a simple file encryption app to a powerful file encryption tool with a private cloud. All files are encrypted before they are uploaded to the cloud, making them top-protected. Users have the ability to access their files anywhere and back them up automatically. NordLocker’s cloud storage syncs the user’s data across multiple devices, so if you need it you just have to click once.

Launching its own Bounty campaign in early 2020.

Like NordVPN itself, NordLocker has also launched its own Bounty campaign. The goal is to provide “ultimate security” for users’ data. In the process, hackers can try to crack an encrypted NordLocker vault to win $10,000 – if they’re successful. After 261 days and 600 unsuccessful attempts, the locker has not yet been decrypted.

Preview 2021

  • Share via link: This allows users to share their files via a link so that the recipient can open them without NordLocker.
  • Cloud Locker Sharing: a secure and easy way to share your encrypted cloud vaults. Simply enter the recipient’s email address to have the vault appear in their app. If the recipient is not a NordLocker user, they will receive an invitation.
  • Mobile App: In 2021 there will also be a NordLocker mobile app.
  • Background Sync: With this feature, already available on macOS and coming very soon to Windows, you will be notified by the background app when you make updates to your cloud so you can sync those changes.
  • Web access: Files in the NordLocker cloud will be accessible through a browser. Identical end-to-end encryption, but more convenience for the user.

NordLocker review – our conclusion

The new encryption tool from NordVPN is a great thing and takes user security to a new level. NordLocker is really easy to use, the encryption works fast and the files can be stored locally or in the cloud. The protection through multiple encryptions is top. But there are minus points for the missing search function and the rather expensive premium version, which has no data limit. You’ll get more information on the official website of the service.


  • 5 GB data limit in the free version
  • Premium version relatively expensive
  • No search function available
  • Own encrypted cloud


  • Clearly arranged & fast
  • Easy to operate
  • Multiple top encryptions

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