ProtonMail and ProtonVPN Updates 2020

Extension of the communication channels for many countries.

Due to the increased load on the servers, Proton decided to increase the number of servers as they wanted to maintain the quality of their service, despite this global problem. Read about ProtonMail and ProtonVPN Updates in this article!

More than 50 new servers have been installed so that users do not experience any connection problems, including 5 servers in the United States. Among other things, users of ProtonVPN Basic, Plus or Proton Visionary tariffs will be able to connect to servers and browse websites, like local users in Argentina, Malaysia, Taiwan, Turkey, Mexico, Slovenia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Thanks to these actions, Proton has expanded its network to 6 continents, providing services in 50 countries.

More storage for ProtonMail tariffs

Due to the current situation in the world where many people switched to remote work, the need for a secure cloud space has greatly increased, in this regard, ProtonMail has increased the amount of space for these tariffs:

+5 GB for Plus plan

+ 5 GB/user for Professional plan

+ 10 GB for Visionary plan

I would also like to note that ProtonMail helps fight COVID-19 by leveraging some of its computing resources to Washington University for the Rosetta@home project, which helps predict the atomic structure of important coronavirus proteins.

ProtonVPN Updates

A language pack has been added for ProtonVPN applications for the following platforms: Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. The following languages ​​will now be available: Polish, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.

ProtonMail Updates

Proton team has published all applications with the source code, which allows them to check for virus-code. Because of this step, Proton wants to gain the trust of users since now everyone can check the entire program if it has suspicions.

ProtonMail introduces a dark mode

The new update added a dark mode to the beta version of ProtonMail 4.0, they will also add this mode for web applications. You can find more information about ProtonMail on website.

ProtonVPN Updates: Update tariff plans

An updated page of tariff plans will be released in May. The changes affected the tariff plan ProtonVPN Plus, it became possible to issue a two-year subscription with a 34% discount.

New Languages ​​for

Soon, new languages ​​will be added to ProtonVPN website, such as Italian, Spanish, French, German.

Complete Guide to Online Game Privacy

Gamers now have a great opportunity to spend more time in their favourite games. However, do not forget about your privacy, so Proton has compiled a guide that will help you protect your gaming privacy.
You can view the manual here.

ProtonVPN Update: Data Protection Against Scammers

People who are concerned about the problem of COVID-19 may become victims of scammers who send malicious emails. To help its users avoid these problems, the Proton team has prepared a guide that will help protect against phishing attacks.

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