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How to choose the best VPN for streaming? Anyone who wants to watch domestic TV or Netflix, Disney Plus+, Hulu, CNN and other abroad is always faced with the problem of geographic blocks. Therefore, many VPN services use this kind of bypass. In USA or GB, however, these rules are different from those in many other countries, and therefore the vast majority of VPN services are recognized and blocked by TV companies or video portals as a way of circumventing geographical blocks.

Only a few VPN services have taken on the English-speaking users and offer their own solutions to circumvent these VPN / proxy blocks.

The best VPN for streaming from our test results.

We would, therefore, like to present the best VPN services for us on this topic. Providers where the customer has always remained king and who respond particularly personally and well to their questions and concerns.

Excellent for Streaming
Excellent for Streaming

The best VPN for Streaming

VyprVPN offers the best support for “Streaming abroad” and has noticeably optimized its own network for streaming. No other VPN service supports more streaming platforms than VyprVPN and of course all users are 100% secure.


Best VPN for Streaming: VyprVPN

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The service offers its customers an almost unique package. The family-run company in the second generation is considered worldwide. the first VPN service to position itself against surveillance by US secret services, the company has been operating in Switzerland since then. VyprVPN owns all hardware and operates its own data centres, which is also an exception because no services are rented by third parties. Software development and customer service have also been in their own hands for more than 10 years. This means that the provider can best guarantee the security of its customers.

Thanks to the cooperation with our team, VyprVPN has also decided to develop and operate its own solutions to circumvent the geographic and VPN / proxy blocking of the video portals. VyprVPN is now able to use the most important German-speaking streaming channels abroad.

Streaming abroad, unlimited with VyprVPN

Watch Netflix USA - Abroad
Watch Netflix USA – Abroad

Apps and applications in your language

Deutschsprachige Apps für alle Geräte von VyprVPN
Deutschsprachige Apps für alle Geräte von VyprVPN

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OnTour Interview with Sunday Yokubaitis (CEO of Goldenfrog)

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OnTour Video: The VyprVPN Team

The Best VPN for Streaming - VyprVPN 2

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VyprVPN the fast and secure VPN provider

In addition to good customer service, VyprVPN also offers a lot of other very easy-to-use functions and is also characterized by an exceptionally good price/performance ratio. The following facts and details are just a small extract of the many functions of VyprVPN.

We, therefore, recommend reading the entire test report about it.

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