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Faster VPN? – What’s better?

“Which VPN is faster?’ or “Speed with a VPN” is the most frequently asked questions we receive. However, the factors affecting the speed of transmission over a VPN are quite extensive and not so easy to describe. Therefore, many users simply have misconceptions about speed and how this can be achieved using a VPN. Therefore, we often deal with this topic in our explanations.

The result of accurate and clear measurement methods

For us, it’s important not just to test the VPN services and insert screenshots into our test reports. As part of our work as a tester, we always conduct all tests comparably and transparently. Over the past year alone, we have recorded more than 3,000 speed measurements using VPN services. Thus, we offer the best overview of the current results and also have enough data for meaningful statements in our tests.

What “fast VPN” can we recommend?

From all our experience, we have a VPN service, which we now want to call the “fastest VPN”. This is OVPN from Sweden. The provider received such an award thanks to exceptional results.


The fastest VPN from our Tests!

The Fastest VPN Service
The Fastest VPN Service

OVPN and Vilfo

Vilfo Router
Vilfo Router

OVPN is a service based in Sweden. The service also attracted attention because it developed its own VPN router “Vilfo Router”, which has already provided the fastest transfer services via Open VPN. More than 30 other VPN services are already integrated into Vilfo routers.

Vilfo Review

OVPN from Sweden

The fastest VPN service we have ever tested is OVPN. Thanks to its German servers, the service reached the highest value that we have ever measured, and in our long-term observations, the results have always been much higher than other services. The reason for this is not only that the service offers fast servers, but also because it uses the Wireguard protocol. Thanks to this new and very simple VPN protocol, the load on your device and server is significantly reduced, and therefore you can also transfer data much faster.

So we can affirm that OVPN is the fastest VPN service form our tests!

Our latest test result with OVPN:

Max. speed tested
Germany | 02.01.2021
OVPN Service

OVPN Review

OVPN: Safe and fast

The service is also considered an absolute exception in professional circles because of 100% of its own servers and cascades and other security functions, in which operators always try to personally verify that the service is working properly.

The service is not the cheapest, but over the years they have always promised very good customer service and stable and reliable technologies, which are complemented by clean applications for many devices.

OVPN Website

The best VPNs are ranked by speed:

Max. speed tested
VPN service name



Perfect Privacy VPN VPN

Download879900 kbps189870 kbps388990 kbps311009 kbps
Upload898222 kbps192310 kbps400080 kbps295888 kbps
Jitter0 ms1 ms2 ms1 ms
Ping25 ms24 ms19 ms23 ms
Tested with OpenVPN (UDP)02.01.202126.03.202115.10.202102.01.2021
Connection withinGermanyGermanyGermanyGermany

Other popular speed comparison services:

Max. speed tested
VPN service name

CyberGhost VPN



Surfshark VPN

Download228733 kbps361300 kbps161750 kbps468900 kbps121900 kbps
Upload213870 kbps335444 kbps170001 kbps461099 kbps129230 kbps
Jitter5 ms2 ms1 ms0 ms1 ms
Ping28 ms13 ms34 ms920 ms31 ms
Tested with OpenVPN (UDP)06.12.202017.02.202108.01.202005.11.202107.02.2021
Connection withinGermanyGermanyGermanyGermanyGermany


How is speed measured?

We use our own infrastructure for testing VPN services. Thus, we have our servers in Singapore, Germany, France, Sweden, the Netherlands and the USA. Then a speed test is carried out, which we have adjusted. 50 MB of data is downloaded without compression to the local device, and the same amount of data is also transferred back. We measure 40 times the ping time to reach the test server and the jitter value (15 times).

Which method of checking speed is better?

Now we can argue whether this test we use is the best for testing a VPN service. This text is not the most accurate, but it leads to a better compromise that should be accepted, and it can also be repeated regularly and always the same. As a result, we do not get individual values, but we can also make estimates based on trends.

Regular measurements of each VPN service

We measure each VPN service at least once a month. In many cases more often. You can track the latest result in test reports by indicating the time and the selected/used test target.

Choosing the fastest VPN transfer protocol

We use the existing VPN protocols of the providers, but in any case, we always use the fastest protocol for our measurements. So if the VPN service has only OpenVPN, then this protocol also has PPTP, L2TP, IEKv2 or also Shadowsocks or Wireguard, then we choose the protocol that gives the best results.

The best speed test for your VPN service

The best way to allow you to test your VPN service:

1. Connect to the fastest protocol available for your VPN.

The order we recommend depends on the options your VPN service offers:

1. Wireguard, 2. Shadowsocks, 3. IEKv2, 4. L2TP, 5. PPTP; 6. OpenVPN UDP; 7. OpenVPN TCP

2. Connect to a place in Germany, as close to Frankfurt as possible
3. Test with our test server:
4. Compare different VPN protocols and devices, always with the same test server from us.

Remember that if you are connected to another location abroad, your data should cover this distance. Therefore, to ensure a qualitatively comparable test, you need to keep the shortest possible distances. Everything else can distort the results because of various factors that cannot be influenced!

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