Perfect Privacy VPN Coupon. 3 days of free testing!

Perfect Privacy Coupon – 3 days of free use!

Do you want to use Perfect Privacy VPN for free for 3 days? We offer the popular VPN Perfect Privacy VPN for free testing. To do this, we received exclusive coupons that the provider does not spend on users. To do this, we have committed ourselves to optimally support readers following the best criteria and allow them to try out the service. You can read Perfect Privacy VPN review.

The Perfect Privacy VPN service offers you maximum anonymity and security. We came up with a way to test the service for free. We do not store personal information about you, and also want users to use this Perfect Privacy coupon only once. Access to Perfect Privacy is completely unlimited and expires automatically after 3 days. There are no other obligations or obligations for you to continue using the service.

You can use Perfect Privacy VPN on Windows, macOS, Android, Apple iOS and Linux directly through the provider’s applications/software. Instructions can be found in the customer section of the website. But you can also use the service with routers or many other devices, also these instructions are available on the provider side.

If you like this VPN provider, then you can use the test account immediately to order another usage time. With the following form, you can order a coupon that allows you to use Perfect Privacy for free for 3 days:

How it works

Here you can understand is how it works:

1. Receive your Coupon per SMS

2. Create you Perfect Privacy VPN account

3. Download & use software / apps on your own device


Perfect Privacy VPN – receive a Coupon by SMS

Try Perfect Privacy VPN!

Perfect-Privacy VPN Logo
Perfect Privacy VPN Logo

The Perfect Privacy VPN Coupon will be sent directly to your mobile phone. This process is immediate and with the coupon, you will be able to immediately create a full-fledged Perfect Privacy account. After 3 days, this free access simply expires and there are no further obligations, but you can also recharge this access and continue to use it.

  • Just enter your mobile phone number
  • You will shortly receive an SMS with the personal coupon for Perfect Privacy VPN.
  • You use this coupon to create a new user account with 3 days free

Order a Coupon

You should just order a coupon.


Privacy policy: There are no data stored by you!

Your mobile number used in our system only to send you an SMS and then it is deleted. We only remember an anonymous “abbreviation” of your phone number because we respect your privacy.

Technical Process

Your number will be automatically deleted from our data after sending the SMS message. We exclude multiple uses of this form by remembering only 3 numbers from your telephone number and aligning it with repeated attempts of users. The storage of the data of previous coupon requirements takes place in a technically separate database and we have no way to determine later, which coupon a user got. Similarly, no data will be passed on to third parties, not even to the Service Perfect Privacy.

Frequently asked questions about the “Perfect Privacy VPN Test”

Can I also have two coupons?

Sure, you can order two coupons, but then you must also use another mobile phone number. We check before the coupon shipment whether a phone number had already received a coupon. if the system detects, we will not send you another coupon.

Are there any restrictions with the test access?

No, the coupon allows you to create a full Perfect Privacy account. There are no limitations on the amount of data, time or speed, nor on the number of concurrent connections you can build in parallel. All functions of Perfect Privacy are completely at your disposal, including customer service.

Do you pass my data to Perfect Privacy?

We only save 3 numbers of users who want to order a coupon multiple times. However, these three numbers do not allow any conclusion on your real number and are therefore anonymous. But we do not share this data with anyone and we do not want to collect any further data from you. Perfect Privacy does not know who sent the coupon.

Can I receive a test coupon by e-mail?

No, this is no longer possible since the changeover to this much simpler system. Even in the live chat on our website, we only give out coupons in exceptional cases

Can I request the deletion of my phone number from you?

Since we delete your telephone number directly after the transmission of the SMS, there is no need for it. We do not store any personal information which may cause you to close at a later date. Which is why we are not able to find or delete data about you.

Do I have to enter any other data from Perfect Privacy?

To gain access to Perfect Privacy, you must use a valid email address. After your account has been created, your password will be sent to you and this will also be used to change your password. Of course, you can also specify an anonymous e-mail address, making sure that Perfect Privacy messages are sent to this address. If you have a problem later and do not have access to this address, then customer service may not be able to help you.

What happens after the three free days?

Access will be automatic and you will receive an agreement 24 hours before expiration. If you do not want to move on, you do not have to do it. If you want to continue using the service, then you can simply buy additional time in the customer area on the website. This will be credited automatically to still available time.

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