NordPass from NordVPN: first test of the exciting tool

After NordLocker, NordVPN has released another new security tool: NordPass aims to put an end to stress with passwords and to enable simple, secure password management. We have already tested the Cybersecurity tool – read more in our exclusive NordPass review!

NordPass Passwordmanager

Why should you use a password manager?

You surely know that it’s not a very good idea these days to place your passwords under your keyboard. Or even worse, you always use the same password everywhere. For years. Nevertheless, many users handle their passwords this way. NordVPN wants to support these password muffles and has developed its password manager.

Available NordPass software

Currently, the tool is available as an extension for Firefox, Opera, Brave, Edge Chrome and Vivaldi as well as an App for iOS and Android. At the moment there is no Windows app. For our NordPass review, we have taken a closer look at the tool on Firefox extension and tested, how good the performance of NordPass is.


As one would expect from NordVPN, security is emphasized from the beginning – the login requires 2-factor authentication. NordPass also uses zero-knowledge architecture. In other words, only you can retrieve your passwords – not even NordVPN itself can do this. That is because before the passwords reach the NordVPN servers, they are encrypted locally. The encryption methods are top: As with NordLocker, NordPass works with XChaCha20 for the password locker and Argon 2 for generating the keys.

The high level of security also means that you can’t simply reset your master pas NordPass Shortcut sword. In case of an emergency, you must use the recovery key. But if you lose it, you’re out of luck. So, be careful!


If you click on the NordPass icon in the Firefox browser bar, you will be able to enter a login, etc. quickly. If you click on Settings, you will be taken to another small menu. There you will find a password generator for strong passwords, the settings and the possibility to open the tool in full-screen mode (which is nicer to use).

Import logins from other password managers

After you have opened NordPass in full-screen mode, you will see that the user interface was kept pure and simple again. Now you have the great possibility to import logins from other password managers. However, the import only works with a CSV file. So you have to export the data from the other password manager first. The import doesn’t always work without friction at the moment.

NordPass Import

NordPass Add-ons

NordVPN also thought of some nice add-ons. These are very practical for everyday use. That way your passwords are not just safe, but it also is nice to work with the tool.

Create secret notes

In addition to classic passwords, NordPass also allows you to create “secret” notes. This is, of course, practical because of the excellent encryption. Especially when it comes to very important and secret things that no one else should see.

NordPass secret note

Create credit cards

There is also a special feature that allows you to store your credit cards securely. Like the notes feature, this is a very handy option because you can enter the data exactly as it is structured on the credit card.

NordPass credit card

Share passwords etc. with NordPass Premium

As a premium user, you can share certain passwords with colleagues, friends, etc. as well. However, these must also be premium users. To share logins you must choose a password and the NordPass user who should have access to it. Then the user will receive a notification by email. The password itself is still stored encrypted in the recipient’s locker at “Shared Items”.

Extend Autolock

NordPass also offers an Autolock feature to close down the application automatically after a while. We recommend that you change the Autolock time of the tool in the settings right from the start. This is set to 1 hour. And that’s quite a long time and therefore maximizes the risk, that someone grabs your logins etc.

NordPass Settings

NordPass tariffs

The plain NordPass version is for free, you don’t have to pay anything. But of course you cannot use all of the possible features. Therefore you need NordPass Premium. The prices for a NordPass Premium subscription start at 1,99€/month for the 2-year plan. Premium users can share logins and use the tool on up to 6 devices simultaneously. Thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee, you get the opportunity to test the tool extensively. Contact the supplier for more information.

NordPass Tariffs

NordPass Apps

In 2021 you can use NordPass already on different devices. It works on macOS, Windows and Linux as well as mobile with iOS and Android. And there are add-ons for the browsers Chrome, Firefox
Edge and Opera. Check here all the news on the actual app versions:

Nord Pass for Android

With NordPass 3.3 for Android some bugs have been fixed. But also German speaking users will be happy, as you can now choose German as default language. In the 3.2 version your safety has been maximized: 2-Factor-Authentification is now required for ALL Nord products, which includes NordPass of course.

New (2021) Dark Mode for NordPass Android

Users wished for a NordPass Dark Mode – and now they get it. At least on Android (iOS and Desktop Apps will follow soon, though). Why do you need a dark mode? That’s simple: It enables a less eyeball-melting and smoother experience. When you like to work nights the dark mode is a lot easier on eyes. The design is fresh and every color, icon, and font has been carefully created to match dark mode. But that’s not all: Also battery life gets improved and the lifespan of OLED displays is extended.


NordPass Recovery Code The latest NordPass 2.16 concentrates on the importance of the recovery code. Yes, it is VERY important – don’t you never ever lose it as it is the only way back to you account if you lose the Master Password. Therefore now you can download your Revovery Code as pdf. It’s much easier to lock a pdf away then just remembering a password, right? Version 2.15 brought tools and menu changes in order for user to navigate easier.

NordPass desktop App

For macOS, Windows and Linux the actual version 2.31 offers new keyboard shortcuts like CTRL + F for a search or CTRL-L to lock your apps. Also there were some bug fixes like in version 2.30.

Our Conclusion: Safe tool with potential for further development

NordPass meets the highest security standards, offers some good features and is easy to use. With one master password, you get access to all logins, notes, etc. But, of course, this is a completely new tool and you notice this sometimes. There is certainly room for improvement there and there, e.g. when importing. And also a password leak check would be useful. But as we know NordVPN, NordPass will certainly be further optimized and hopefully also available for Windows in the future.
Find out more about the NordPass inventor NordVPN in our NordVPN Review!


  • High safety
  • Easy to operate
  • Practical add-ons
  • Up to 6 devices can be synchronized simultaneously

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