HOLA Ultra VPN 2021: How does this Premium VPN perform?


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  • Top for streaming (SmartDNS)
  • No-log policy with Ultra tariff
  • Connection of various devices possible (consoles, Smart TV etc.)


  • Torrent is not allowed
  • Very expensive
  • Only available in English

HOLA Ultra Review (Firefox add-on)

The Israeli provider HOLA VPN is best known for its free service. But there are also other plans – HOLA Premium and HOLA Ultra. We took a closer look at HOLA Ultra for you, here is our review. We can reveal one thing in advance: streaming fans can be happy! On the recommendation of the HOLA team, we decided to use the Firefox extension for our test, since the HOLA extensions are supposed to perform particularly well.

HOLA Ultra Firefox add-on

HOLA VPN free version – privacy & security problems

The free version of HOLA VPN is built on the peer-2-peer principle. HOLA Premium clearly offers more privacy and security in comparison. However, our 2020 test showed that the user has disadvantages in terms of data protection (also with Premium). However, the provider performed well when streaming foreign services. Since HOLA Ultra offers SmartDNS, among other things, we were especially curious about the performance and the possibilities when streaming German services like Netflix etc. …

Product descriptionHOLA Ultra VPN
Recommended applicationsAmazon Video Germanyavoiding geo-blockingNetflix (DE)Sky GoStreaming (Urheberr.)

Our conclusion

 Compared to its free HOLA VPN version, that lacks of privacy, HOLA Ultra is much more convincing. Especially when it comes to streaming, the provider does really great work thanks to SmartDNS – stable, 4K quality on all services like Netflix DE, Sky DE, Disney+ etc. (German and international). Including direct connection with the appropriate VPN server via browser extension with just one click. Very practical!

It is also possible with HOLA Ultra to enable no-logs and other settings for more privacy. Also helpful features: Killswitch and pop-up blocker. So far, so good and recommended for streaming fans. But like everywhere in life, there is a downer: the price. Here, HOLA Ultra is really expensive – there are some providers that offer more for less money.

Abut the company

HOLA VPN has been in the VPN market since 2012. The service was founded in Israel by Ofer Vilensk and Derry Shribman, who wanted to revolutionize the Internet. This idea was well received and continues to do so: In addition to over 1600 million users, HOLA can also count on the support of investors. The provider is particularly well known for its free VPN.


HOLA Ultra does not only have more than 1,500 “fast servers” worldwide, but also 200+ “ultra fast” servers. As with HOLA Premium, the available protocols are IKEv2/IPsec and PPTP/L2TP. Encryption is done with DES3, AES128, AES192 and AES256.

Operating locationIsrael
Billing locationIsrael
Local laws influence on clients protection
Operation and billing are separated
Servers location40
no log files
Own DNS server
Virtual server
Dedicated server
RAM-disk Server
Hardware's owner
Owner of IP-address

HOLA Ultra Pricing

It is no surprise that the free HOLA VPN service is very popular. Of course it is a great thing if you don’t have to pay for your VPN, but most of the time there come also disadvantages with a free service, or rather many advantages, as soon as you pay something. This is also the case with HOLA Ultra. Compared to the free plan, you get great features like SmartDNS, 4K streaming, Killswitch, etc. In addition, you also get a no-log policy and you can use the service on up to 20 devices. But of course, these features cost something.

HOLA Ultra Pricing

In the case of HOLA Ultra, not little. There are three different plans. The 3-year plan is still the cheapest in comparison. Here you pay a total of 244,44 euros, which is 6,79 euros per month. The 1-year plan, on the other hand, costs 16.98 euros per month. To give you an idea of the common prices: SurfsharkVPN currently (January 2021) costs 2.06 euros per month with the 2-year plan; NordVPN also in the 2-year plan 2.97 euros per month and even the premium provider OVPN, which offers really a lot of special features, charges 4.99 euros per month in the annual plan.

Unfortunately, it really has to be said here that there are equally or more powerful VPN services at cheaper prices. By the way, the “normal” premium rate of HOLA Plus costs 2,69 Euros per month in a 3-year plan, but it also offers far fewer features than HOLA Ultra.

Prices / Tarifs
Free using
Tariff (1 Month )119.88 EUR
Number of connections per account10
Test optionsFree tarif is availableMoney back guarantee

HOLA Ultra Applications

You can use HOLA Ultra on a wide range of devices, first of all there are dedicated apps for iOS and Android, as well as Windows and Mac. In addition, the provider offers extensions for Firefox (we tested this one for our review), Edge, Opera and Chrome. These extensions are especially popular among users and are supposed to provide the best performance (we can’t complain either). However, with such an extension, your activities and data are only protected on the browser – please always keep that in mind. As soon as you close the browser, the VPN connection is also interrupted.

HOLA Ultra Firefox

Other devices like Apple TV, router, Playstation, xBox, SmartTV and others can also be secured with HOLA Ultra. However, you have to do a manual installation, but instructions (English) will help you doing that.

Available protocolsOpenVPN (TCP)OpenVPN (UDP)SOCKS5
Own appsAndroidApple iOSChrome extensionFirefox extensionKODI Add-onMac OS XOpera extensionWindows
KillSwitch function
Interface languageEnglish

Speed with HOLA Ultra

The free version of HOLA delievers speed that is ok,  but not more. The premium version disappointed us in terms of speed. HOLA Ultra was much more convincing in our current speed test. Both the speed and the latency are good, which is certainly due to the Ultra servers.

Max. speed tested
Germany | 23.02.2021


In contrast to the free HOLA service and the associated data protection guidelines (which state that various data – including personal data – may be stored and also passed on if necessary), the provider now states the following in the guidelines for its payment plans:

“We have a no logs policy for Hola Premium and Ultra Subscribers. We do not track nor store logs of your activity, including no logging of browsing history, traffic destination, data content, or DNS queries. Additionally, we never store connection logs, no logs of your IP address, your outgoing VPN IP address, connection timestamp, or session duration.”

Of course, that sounds much better. In the settings of the Ultra browser extension, you have the option to set certain privacy settings. One of them is “No Logs”. The question now is whether no logs are saved even without activating this setting? We would recommend: Be on the safe side and check the No Logs option in the settings before you start using HOLA Ultra.

Also beneficial for user privacy is the location of HOLA VPN: Israel is not a member of the 14-Eyes surveillance apparatus. HOLA is therefore not legally obligated to hand over data in this context.

Anonymity in internet
Altered virtual location
Protection from requests for information
General monitoring protection
Targeted monitoring protection
no log files
Obfuscation (masking)

Streaming – great with HOLA Ultra

HOLA VPN stands for very good international streaming. But can HOLA Ultra also overcome the hurdle of German services? That is a very important feature for many users. We can reassure you: Thanks to SmartDNS, HOLA Ultra really offers almost limitless possibilities all over the world: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, DAZN, Sky, Disney Plus, etc. can all be streamed, the German versions as well as the international ones. And that in super 4K quality. Simply select the appropriate VPN server in the browser extension – if you want to stream German services outside of Germany, click on a German server, for US content, click on an American server, etc. Works great.

HOLA Ultra Netflix
Netflix works with HOLA Ultra (“Snowpiercer”.
HOLA Ultra Disney
Disney+ also works with HOLA Ultra (“The Mandalorian”).

Automatic connection to the appropriate server with one click

HOLA always shows you an overview of particularly popular pages in the respective country on the start page. The advantage is that the pages are already unlocked or HOLA automatically switches to the appropriate server. In the example below I quickly chose the BBC iPlayer – and I was connected to a UK HOLA server. After a long loading time the “Fresh Prince” of Bel Air flickered across the screen in high quality.


By the way, sites like kinox or The Pirate Bay are also on the favorites list – interestingly, because torrent is generally not allowed with HOLA.

Streaming TV and video content
Use on the home router
Use with KODI
FireTV App
Avoid warnings
Supported streaming platformsNetflixAmazon VideoDAZNSkyEurosportMaxdomezattooWaipuJOYNARDZDFBRN24MDRrbbWDRArte3SatPro7Sat1Kabel1Disney+ (DE)MagentaTV (DE)ORFSRFServus TV
Supported international streaming platformsDisney+ (US)Hulu (US)Amazon Prime Video (US)Netflix (US)Apple TV (US)Watch ESPN (US)Channel 4 (US)NFL Gamepass (US)MLB.tv (US)abc (US)CBS (US)FOX (US)NBC (US)Showtime (US)FLIX (US)epix (US)HBO Now (US)ITV (UK)Eurosport (UK)Sky (UK)Sky News (UK)Bloomberg (UK)BT Sport (UK)Channel 4 (UK)Sky Go (IT)YouTubestarz (US)hustlerTV (US)PenthouseTV (US)PlayboyTV (US)

Download & Torrent

As mentioned above, torrenting is generally prohibited on HOLA. If you like file sharing, then the HOLA Ultra version is not for you. In this case, it is better to choose another provider.

Download and Torrent
Torrent usage allowed
Own Torrent Server
Avoid warnings
Port forwarding

HOLA Ultra on the Router

In Progress – we will provide you with the information about the router test shortly!

Using with VPN-Client Router
Using with Routers
Load Balancing
Fail-safe operation
Own router application
Compatible with


HOLA Ultra offers manuals to connect various game consoles like xBox, PlayStation etc.. These manuals are in English, but it is easy to get along with them. So the basis is already there. And since the latency is also good, nothing stands in the way of online gaming.

Online gaming
Low latency
Use on game consolesPlayStationXBox
DDoS protection

HOLA Ultra on travelling

When we are away from home, we still like to stream our favorite series, etc. As a streaming expert, HOLA Ultra is of course a good choice. With the protocol Shadowsocks, you can also circumvent censorship in restrictive countries and surf the Internet without restrictions.

VPN for travelling and in foreign countries
Using in restrictive networks (China, hotels)
Obfuscation (masking)
Protection in unsafe WiFi-networks
Shadowsocks or SOCKS5


As a HOLA Ultra customer, you can of course use the help page. The big plus of the top rate, however, is the 24/7 support via e-mail from “real” people (at least that’s what the provider promises). However, you need to know English here as well.

Customer service
Interface languageEnglish
Customer serviceEmailQ&A Website
Customer service languageEnglish


Below is a summary of all the features of HOLA Ultra. Compared to the free version, there are a few more interesting features. SmartDNS, for example, is only available in the Ultra tariff, but not in the Premium tariff. This feature is of course a highlight, since streaming – as already reported – works really well with HOLA. Another nice feature is the pop-up blocker (but you have to activate it manually in the settings).

HOLA Ultra Settings

Special functions
Always On Server
Dedicated Server
IP changing
IPv6 (new)
Load Balancing
Malware filter
Multi Hop VPN
No logfiles
Obfuscation (Mask)
Own Hardware
Own IP adresses
Own Torrent Server
Port forwarding
RAM-Disc (k.HDD)
Shared IP
Smart DNS
Static IP
Tracking Blocker
Virtual servers
VPN with TOR

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