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  • Perfect for streaming and torrenting
  • Good speed
  • Protection against warnings
  • Got its own FireTV app
  • Fast downloads because of proxy servers


  • No personal customer service

IPVanish Review

IPVanish is the specialist for streaming and torrenting. The company’s location is in the US and is rather made for the American market. The service has been appreciated by many in the US since its foundation up to the present day. Read more about the provider in our IPVanish review!


The company was founded in 2012 by Mudhook Media Inc. It is located in the USA. In terms of streaming and torrenting, the service has already made a name for itself worldwide. Since 2018, however, IPVanish VPN has been taken over by J2Global. Thus probably not much will be invested in new features of the service anymore – only in maintenance. But let’s see how it will be in the future! IPVanish VPN offers an incredible number of servers in more than 75 countries.

IPVanish VPN Prices

In this review, you can also see that IPVanish offers three different subscription plans to choose from: for 1 month, 3 months and for 1 year. Also, there are some payment options, such as Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Paypal, etc. You can connect five devices with one account at the same time.

IPVanish: Discount for our reader!
IPVanish: Discount for our readers!

Streaming with the IPVanish VPN

Streaming is possible on all IPVanish servers.  You can easily see US Netflix and Amazon video.  However, one must not forget that German sites, such as Netflix Germany, are blocked. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry about warnings because the company’s location in the US is well-chosen.

IPVanish on all devices
IPVanish on all devices

IPVanish Review: Download and torrenting

File sharing is also allowed on all servers. The company offers unlimited bandwidth, making streaming and torrenting easy. The service shows good download speeds.

Features from this Provider

IPVanish VPN’s applications and Apps meet the Standard and are primarily functional. It allows you to quickly select locations on all devices and connect directly. Depending on the device used, additional functions such as “KillSwitch”, automatic connection start and automatic IP address change can also be set according to time. Use IPVanish VPN also on a FireTV device!

IPVanish is one of the few providers that already included an App for FireTV in the Appstore. Therefore, the application can be searched and installed very easily and directly from the FireTV menu. The use is very simple.

The IPVanish VPN applications

Of course, there is software for all common operating systems. Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Fire TV, extensions for Chrome and also for the router. You can easily stream on all devices and will not have to worry about warnings. Instructions for configuring the app can be found on the website of the company.

There are some setup guides on the website of the provider. You can find them here.

Anonymity on the Internet with IPVanish VPN

In principle, one thing is important: most VPN providers do not keep to the promise that they give to the customer. Just the company located in the US should give you something to think about. Although you are safe from warnings, although the United States is also home to the NSA and Co. If you want 100% privacy, you’re wrong at IPVanish. If you do not have such high standards, then the provider is quite ok. The functions protect in any case from espionage in the public WLAN. IPVanish does not pass on data to authorities in Germany and so on.

IPVanish VPN on Router

On home routers, IPVanish is relatively easy to use. Although it does not offer load balancing, it always runs without problems in all our tests. In our IPVanish review, we recommend the use of IPVanish with a router.

IPVanish VPN while traveling

IPVanish VPN offers moderate comfort when traveling, which is due to a poor operation on mobile phones. IPVanish also has Obfusication Server in use, which allows you to establish stable connections in heavily regulated states.

Online-Gaming with the IPVanish

IPVanish review – Speedtest:

The servers of IPVanish we tested were really fast. There were no interruptions even after long-time video connections. In general, you can see that there is a very great focus of the developers, to keep the connections fast.

Max. speed tested
Germany | 16.03.2020

Frequently asked questions


The support team will always help you: IPVanish customers have exclusive access to IPVanish support. The service provides 24/7 support via Live Chat, Email, and phone.


IPVanish review: it is a reliable provider with a large number of VPN servers to choose from. So it is also guaranteed that everyone can use the full bandwidth. But even with file sharing, there was no reason to complain. The speeds of the provider are very good and it is also 100% safe – you will not receive a warning. Also, you can find other high-quality VPN providers for a lower price.

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