IvacyVPN review 2020: Inexpensive but problems with speeds


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  • Provider from Singapur
  • Good price / performance ratio
  • Many VPN locations + secure protocols
  • Easy to use


  • Technical log files are used in any case, since the provider would otherwise not be able to create any restrictions on limited device use, etc.

Ivacy VPN: the obvious achievements of this provider are extremely good. The whole thing at a price of fewer than 3 euros per month. Nevertheless, the service also has to struggle with many restrictions for different user groups. Besides, the service sometimes has to struggle with speed problems or is only very cumbersome on routers and can be used with clear connection problems. We gave this test report great attention and tried to maintain and describe all the background information. By the way, the weird-sounding name “Ivacy” is an abbreviation for “PrIVACY”.

Our conclusion to the IvacyVPN review

Ivacy VPN has surprised us in our detailed review. The software is very easy to use and the servers also offer fast and stable transfers. Ivacy VPN has also done its homework on user security and uses the most secure VPN protocols. This results in a very good offer that many of our readers also like and therefore they rate the service very positively. However, one must not overlook the downsides of growth and the network shared with PureVPN, and one must also expect significant speed problems at some locations. The use on routers is also unfortunate technically solved and it is not recommended to use Ivacy VPN on routers!

Company data

Ivacy VPN is a provider from Singapur. It was founded in 2006 and has been working on the security of its customers ever since. In 2010 Ivacy VPN was one of the first VPN providers who had the function “Split-Tunneling”.

Prices / Tariffs

IvacyVPN Discount

There is only one tariff with Ivacy VPN and we see no reason to offer more options. Different local payment methods using the Paymentwall payment method.
When paying via PayPal please note: PayPal has changed the rules for the payment of debit agreements and required at least a verified means of payment such as bank debit or a deposited credit card. As with Ivacy VPN, as with other providers, you also have to agree to a PayPal debit, this deposited and verified “credit card” is required by PayPal for payment. This is not directly due to Ivacy VPN. If you want to avoid this, you can make a payment to this provider directly via PayPal by sending the open amount (note exchange rate to USD) directly to the PayPal address billing@ivacy.com. The “Invoice Number” is to be quoted in the intended use.

The apps and protocols

There is software for nearly all devices. You can use this VPN on Windows, Android, iPad, iPhone, Linux, Xbox, Chrome and Firefox.

IvacyVPN review: Speedtest

We sometimes had a slightly longer ping time, but this should only really affect online players, otherwise, the data transfers without interruptions and also with an average performance of up to 75% of the maximum possible bandwidth was very good. In practice, there should be hardly any restrictions and Ivacy VPN is also suitable for TV & video stream. In recent months, however, there have also been significant problems with speed.

However, we have now received many readers’ opinions and are also aware that the service in many areas can no longer offer the best possible speeds. Too many simultaneous users and shared servers with other VPN services ensure that the speeds that can be reached depend very much on the current workload of the selected server. However, the user often only has a few options to choose from other servers.

Max. speed tested
Germany | 04.03.2020

Is IvacyVPN safe?

It is clear that this provider, like most other VPN services, also uses log files, i.e. logs of how often a user uses the service at the same time. This is also necessary to prevent users who have booked an Ivacy VPN tariff from endlessly sharing this access with others. Customers of this provider can use the service on up to 5 devices in parallel, but nothing more. The use of a server with the IP address of the connected device is logged centrally.
It is therefore also technically possible that these log files could provide information about which user (real IP address) had used an IP address of an Ivacy VPN server at a certain point in time.

Streaming of TV and video content

Ivacy VPN is blocked by Netflix and so on. We can’t recommend this provider for streaming purposes because you can only use a few streaming portals while using it. You are also not safe from research and warnings. All in all, you should better choose another provider if you want to use a VPN for streaming purposes.


In principle, the use of torrent is allowed. However, you are not safe from warnings here either. There are no dedicated torrent servers and it is generally not recommended. Again, we recommend choosing another VPN provider, for example, Surfshark VPN.

IvacyVPN logo
IvacyVPN logo

IvacyVPN review: Usage on the router

Ivacy VPN not recommended for routers! Where there are clear problems with the technical implementation, the use of Ivacy VPN on routers. Even if this can theoretically be used, multiple domain forwarding of the names of the servers is primarily responsible for the fact that the connections to servers via routers or external devices mostly only appear to be temporarily stable and also result in significant further speed losses.

Why isn’t it recommended?

The reason for this is that Ivacy VPN also uses PureVPN’s servers. In order not to make this too obvious for users due to the server’s names, the subdomains were simply forwarded to other subdomains and these only points to the server’s IP addresses. This may not be a problem in principle, but how it was technically implemented in this case means that many users either cannot establish any connections via the configuration data of Ivacy VPN or that these are interrupted after a short time. So all in all not only technically unfortunate but also has the consequence that Ivacy VPN is not suitable for use outside of your applications.

Our help declined

We also pointed this out to the Ivacy VPN technicians and wanted to make solutions, but for fear that we would experience and the obvious problem could be that the service does not have sole access to the servers, all our attempts there have been so far Discussing the problem, simply no.


Ivacy VPN is suitable for gamers. There is DDoS protection and the software is compatible with game consoles, like Xbox and Playstation. If you are looking for a provider to be able to play online games undisturbed, we recommend Ivacy.

Usage while travelling

In insecure wifi networks, you are protected with Ivacy VPN. But unfortunately, that was it again. It is best not to use this provider when you are on a trip!

Customer support

The customer support from this provider is very good! There is a live chat, a Q&A page and/or you can send the provider a ticket. There are also many setup guides for each device that you can find on the website of the provider.

Download functions

With Ivacy VPN you can connect five devices at the same time with only one user account. There is also IPv6 leakage protection to guarantee customer safety. With Ivacy VPN you can choose between different protocols and can, therefore, set your security well. All other special functions you can see in the following table.

Frequently asked questions to the IvacyVPN review

Is IvacyVPN safe? We also made us a picture of the provider by phone. In our telephone conversation we were connected several times to “specialists”, everyone actually spoke good English and we were also invited to visit the company directly. The whole impressions were more than positive and also showed professionalism. The staff made an audible effort to answer our questions and we did not have the impression that they wanted to hide something from us. Therefore we would say: Ivacy VPN is serious!

Is IvacyVPN good for gaming purposes?

Yes it is. It got a DDoS protection and also a software for Xbox and Playstation.

Are there several protocols to choose from?

Yes! You can choose between TCP, UDP, L2TP and IKEV.

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