Mullvad VPN review 2021 – Maximum security? Is that correct?

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  • Easy handling and tariffs without commitment
  • the service takes a different path and completely dispenses with user accounts
  • Several new dedicated servers were put into operation
  • Safe from warnings and research
  • Wireguard protocol reaches very good speeds even on OpenWRT routers


  • Software & apps are not really very good and are a weak point of the service with potential
  • Relatively low equipment and rather expensive service in the long run
  • Mullvad is blocked by Netflix and so on

Mullvad review

Mullvad VPN from Sweden imposes itself superlatives – maximum security is the promise to the customers. But you can, unfortunately, see that the technology from Mullvad is hardly ready for this. But if you take a closer look at the hardware equipment and the simple applications, the service can tend to be in the lower middle of the range. The fact that you do not have to enter any special personal data when creating the accounts, or that you can pay with cash, does not have a direct impact on anonymous use or other security problems that may still arise. (ex. InCloak VPN) also pursues the same concept of pure time credit instead of user accounts.

Product descriptionMullvad VPN
Recommended applicationsavoiding dissuasionsavoiding geo-blockingdata safetyfilesharing torrentNetflix (DE)protection of hackers virusessafe communicationVPN-Router (ASUS)

Our conclusion to the Mullvad VPN review

Mullvad is valued by many users, who think that through user accounts without names or email, this will provide better identity protection. We were able to prove, that Mullvad, like many other and very reasonably priced services, also creates log files about the use of the service, which are able to clearly identify users even when requests for information are made. In the end there is also the price model, with which you only pay 5 euros a month, although inexpensive, but in direct comparison with other providers that offer significantly better software and functions, Mullvad VPN is too expensive.

Company data: Amagicom AB

The company behind Mullvad is registered in Sweden and many torrent friends will be pleased about it, also because of the security of downloads and exchanges. The service goes its way in many areas and it is the first commercial provider to use the “Wireguard” protocol. Besides, there are no contracts, you can even pay in cash and all in all it is simple and transparent. Typically Swedish?

Operating locationSweden
Billing locationSweden
Local laws influence on clients protection
Operation and billing are separated
Servers location36
no log files
Own DNS server
Virtual server
Dedicated server
RAM-disk Server
Hardware's owner
Owner of IP-address

Prices / Tariffs

Why many readers appreciate the service is also a simple tariff structure. You pay 5 euros a month in advance and there is no commitment. This means that the lowest term is 1 month, you pay this 5 euros and if you do not pay any further in the coming month it simply ends. So you simply buy time credit to use the service or just not further, it can be that easy.

Many also like that the service also allows bank transfers and even cash payments. From the independent point of view of research or anonymity, it doesn’t matter whether you pay for a VPN using PayPal or cash, but, if it is offered, some customers will find themselves there.

Prices / Tarifs
Free using
Tariff (1 Month )5 EUR
Tariff (2 Months )10 EUR (per month 5 EUR)
Tariff (6 Months )39 EUR (per month 6.5 EUR)
Tariff (12 Months )60 EUR (per month 5 EUR)
Number of connections per account5
Test options

The apps and protocols

Mullvad VPN review 2021 - Maximum security? Is that correct? 1

The software provided by Mullvad for Android, Mac and Windows only covers the basic functions for establishing a connection. Unfortunately, there are no advanced settings that could bring more comfort or security.

Available protocolsOpenVPN (TCP)OpenVPN (UDP)SSL/ProxyWireGuard
Own appsAndroidApple iOSDD-WRTMac OS XOpenVPN UDPOpenWrtother OS/integrationTomatoWindows
KillSwitch function
Interface languageEnglishGerman

Mullvad review: Speedtest

The speeds that can be achieved are in the normal range, and the load on the servers also determines this. This means that on only little used server locations (only a few other users who use the location) you lose between 2 to 10% of the performance, which is normal and is due to the encryption. In our tests, we were also able to test servers that were apparently exposed to increased utilization by other users. In this case, very low transmission powers, which also showed strong fluctuations, were measured.

Max. speed tested
Germany | 02.01.2021
Mullvad VPN logo
Mullvad VPN logo

Anonymous on the internet

One of the main criticisms we had in our test was that Mullvad VPN recommends itself as “anonymizing” and pretends not to use log files. Unfortunately, this is not true. In our test, we were able to demonstrate the use of central databases, which should also prevent use on unlimited devices at the same time. So Mullvad stores log data of the users, which contain the real IP address as well as the VPN IP addresses and the start and end times.

Also, the amount of data that is transferred. In practice, this information is sufficient to be able to satisfactorily answer inquiries from authorities. Therefore, the messages that no log files are stored that indicate the identity of the user are simply a lie.

Mullvad does not create the customer’s user account

The use of Mullvad VPN is based on an “account number” that you receive when you register. Mullvad does not request any email addresses or other data. The virtual advantage that you have for this (Mullvad VPN has no e-mail addresses stored), this also has a disadvantage in that practically everyone with the valid account number also has access to the account. But no relevant advantages for protecting your own identity are to be expected.

Anonymity in internet
Altered virtual location
Protection from requests for information
General monitoring protection
Targeted monitoring protection
no log files
Obfuscation (masking)

Mullvad Netflix? Streaming of TV and video content

One of Mullvad’s weaknesses is that the service does not directly specialize in unlocking video content like Netflix, Sky or Amazon Video. Therefore, the service is recognized and blocked in the usual video portals. An example of a provider that is not blocked by Netflix is NordVPN. If you would ask for a Mullvad VPN vs NordVPN comparison – NordVPN would win! But you can be safe from research and warnings, the servers are not only secure enough but also fast enough.

Streaming TV and video content
Use on the home router
Use with KODI
FireTV App
Avoid warnings
Supported streaming platformsNetflixAmazon VideoDAZNSkyEurosportMaxdomezattooWaipuARDZDFBRN24MDRrbbWDRArte3SatPro7Sat1Kabel1Disney+ (DE)MagentaTV (DE)ORFSRFServus TV


Mullvad VPN feels much more comfortable with filesharing because the service has been practically designed to guarantee fast speeds for torrents. The service is very well suited for all types of data loading or protection against exploration, etc.

Download and Torrent
Torrent usage allowed
Own Torrent Server
Avoid warnings
Port forwarding

Mullvad VPN review: Usage on the router

In our Mullvad VPN review, we saw that the provider also offers OVPN OpenVPN configuration files, but they are not optimized to be used on VPN client routers such as ASUS as well. This results in very slow transmission performance or even interruptions. Unfortunately, this VPN provider does not offer other protocols such as PPTP. So we don’t recommend the provider for use on the router in our Mullvad review.

But what is well resolved is the Wireguard protocol integration. This means, for example, that the Gl-iNet routers, which are already available from 30 euros, can be used directly with the VPN. This can be a real advantage for many and the integration is also very easy to implement.

Using with VPN-Client Router
Using with Routers
Load Balancing
Fail-safe operation
Own router application
Compatible withGl-iNetDD-WRTTomatoVilfo Router


The servers are not so badly suited for online gaming, in some locations the latency was remarkably short and there are therefore hardly any problems with it. What other VPN services do better is the support of game consoles directly.

Online gaming
Low latency
Use on game consoles
DDoS protection

Mullvad VPN review: Usage while traveling

We have already mentioned the relatively weak apps and of course, this is also a limitation on mobile devices. We could not confirm that the Wireguad protocol was not blocked because we had problems maintaining connections in China and had to disconnect and reconnect every few minutes, which is far from optimal. There should be no problems with this in hotel networks. What seems outstanding is the implementation of the Wireguard protocol in the service.

VPN for travelling and in foreign countries
Using in restrictive networks (China, hotels)
Obfuscation (masking)
Protection in unsafe WiFi-networks
Shadowsocks or SOCKS5

Customer support

The customer service is limited to the website which is well executed and understandable. There is no live chat or ticket system.

Customer service
Interface languageEnglishGerman
Customer serviceQ&A WebsiteForum
Customer service languageEnglishSwedish

Download functions

Explanation of OpenVPN UDP and OpenVPN TCP. The two different versions of OpenVPN describe the different transmission protocols. In the case of TCP, this corresponds to data transmission on the Internet in a conventional way and therefore TCP is also the compatible option. UDP is used to transmit network signaling and not amounts of data. However, since UDP is necessary for many networks for analysis and also for smooth operation, data transmission via VPN over UDP is deliberately slowed down in many networks (Internet providers). If in doubt, you should always use OpenVPN with TCP.

Special functions
Always On Server
Dedicated Server
IP changing
IPv6 (new)
Load Balancing
Malware filter
Multi Hop VPN
No logfiles
Obfuscation (Mask)
Own Hardware
Own IP adresses
Own Torrent Server
Port forwarding
RAM-Disc (k.HDD)
Shared IP
Smart DNS
Static IP
Tracking Blocker
Virtual servers
VPN with TOR

Frequently asked questions

Here you can find some frequently asked questions. If you have more questions, you can ask us! There is also the opportunity to find some answers on the Mullvad Reddit site. Many topics have to do with Mullvad VPN on Reddit.

Does Mullvad save log files?

We do not assume this, but in many cases the service also uses rented virtual servers. However, the service is in any case safe from research on civil law matters (copyright)

Is Mullvad safe because I can also pay cash there?

The method of payment has nothing to do with the security of a VPN service. Since your internet service provider can see that you are connected to a VPN and which one, it doesn’t matter which way you pay, but that doesn’t mean that someone knows what you’re doing about it.

Is Mullvad VPN safe?

Yes/No. Security is a fairly subjective expression. Mullvad protects against warnings, but whether it can also protect against state persecution is another topic and one should also go into detail here: Secure with VPN?

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