NordVPN Review 2020: the best VPN for everyone?


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  • Most innovative VPN on the market
  • Users can choose out of more than 5000 servers in 80+ countries
  • Very good Apps for Android, macOS, iOS and Windows available
  • Pretty cheap for a huge server list available
  • No logging policy

NordVPN Review 2020

NordVPN has become a world-famous VPN provider. It is a multi-purpose VPN that is appreciated by most users. It has a large number of servers and offers a high level of privacy. In this NordVPN review, you can find out more about the service. In this review, we will have an in-depth look at NordVPN. How secure is NordVPN? Read this NordVPN review to find out more about the provider.

Company details

NordVPN is operated by Tefinkom co S.A. with headquarters in Panama. It has been engaged in encrypted communications since 2010. The company has also earned a worldwide reputation by consistently refusing to disclose customer information, despite some governmental requests.

The company’s programmers have been working since 2005 and nowadays offer a stable and secure VPN network, equal in quality and equipment to the industry leaders. The technical support services are provided by Tefincom in Panama. As a result, any formal investigations become difficult or impossible (in Panama there is no need to log user data).

NordVPN is well-suited for:

  • Anonymizing your online activities
  • High data encryption protects your data from monitoring
  • Safe streams protection against unreasonable warnings
  • Protection against attacks and hackers through an additional firewall
  • Safe use of file hosting and torrenting
  • A very high transfer rate despite high data encryption
  • Bypassing geographic barriers  at home and abroad
  • Security on all devices (PC, Mac, smartphones, tablets, routers, etc.)
NordVPN servers
NordVPN for Windows: Servers

If you want to review NordVPN, please give us your feedback about the service!

NordVPN Review: pricing

With NordVPN everything is very simple, including the tariffs, as you will see from three available options. There are no hidden traps but an understandable price system.

There are no restrictions or special clauses in tariffs. Each tariff includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and an unlimited use of all services on up to 6 devices simultaneously!
If the location within the EU is specified, VAT is charged additionally. The users who specify their location outside the EU (which will not be verified) will not have to pay the VAT.

How can I pay for NordVPN?

NordVPN offers almost all payment methods one can expect: credit cards, Bitcoin as well as a Paymentwall platform. There is an instant bank transfer and many other local payment methods to choose from. Even AmazonPay is available! Unfortunately, in 2019, the provider removed PayPal from the payment options.

Is it possible to test NordVPN for free?

There is no free trial on NordVPN but you can take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee. We ordered an account for $ 11 for 1 month and determined the contract within the first 30 days. There were no annoying questions or hidden traps to note. The entire process of termination and refund was flawless. We got the money back in 3 days.

NordVPN for Streaming

Is NordVPN good for streaming?

Users, who want to watch videos over the online platforms abroad, can use NordVPN to unlock the most pages. Not every VPN can do this reliably, so we made a thorough test of it.

So, according to our NordVPN review, the service probably uses a SmartDNS. This is because the results are better with the typical applications/apps than with routers or other external devices. Thus, the SmartDNS is automatically used if the NordVPN applications are used, which has a good impact on Streaming. But you can not yet use this DNS on external devices. Therefore, we can currently only confirm that these platforms work with their apps.

NordVPN for downloading

NordVPN is well-suited for torrenting and other forms of P2P file sharing. NordVPN servers are well optimized for torrent. We achieved quite high speeds when using the service with torrenting.

Privacy and anonymity

Is NordVPN safe enough? NordVPN is regarded as a very trustful and reliable service. It also took some precautions for the data security and anonymity of its customers. For example, user data is not collected or stored on any servers.

Apart from that, NordVPN has not stored any data it could publish.

Data security and VPN protocols

NordVPN, like most providers, relies on OpenVPN as the main VPN protocol. Besides, there are IEKv2, L2TP / IPSec and PPTP. PPTP is said to increase the ability to service even on hard-to-configure devices, but it is not recommended, as it has well-known vulnerabilities (login only by entering username and password but without additional security certificates).

NordVPN applies the highest security standards of its own servers and the encryption standards used. Since the end of 2019, regular independent network audits have been carried out to ensure that the NordVPN technicians do not miss anything to protect user data or identify security gaps. NordVPN also participates in the Bug Bounty program, which promises a reward for reporting vulnerabilities.


We have tested many VPN servers by NordVPN. The results are absolutely “excellent” as the service does not have any weaknesses in locations. Also, VPN servers are always responding quickly. One thing to watch out for is that the servers also have spare capacity. Although, this automatically suggests the NordVPN application depending on the degree of utilization. However, connecting to a new location once a day makes sense always to be able to maintain maximum performance.

The connection quality was very stable in our test. The possibility of uploading videos from overseas in FullHD quality is given, taking into account the enormous bandwidths that the service also transports across the Atlantic! The provider also explicitly allows P2P file sharing and supports it by allowing port forwarding. It increases the connection speed even with torrents. Video streaming and file-sharing/torrent are very stable with a high bandwidth in North America as well as in Asia!

NordVPN features

The number of servers

NordVPN has made it a truly remarkable network over the past few years. It offers more than 1300+ active VPN servers and a few special configurations that help to improve anonymity and privacy. Likewise, there are “prioritized” connections to the US, which is particularly beneficial for TV streaming.
Currently, there are 5242 of NordVPN servers located in 59 countries.

“Multi-Hop VPN” connection between Lithuania and Estonia; between Taiwan and HongKong, between the US and Canada, and between the Netherlands and Russia.

Multi-hop means logging on to two VPN sites in succession and gaining additional anonymity through this cascaded connection. Only the last VPN server can know the identity data of the previous one in a purely technical way. In principle, the system is similar to that of  “Multi-Hop VPN” by PerfectPrivacy VPN, with the difference that here you can only choose between the preconfigured routes. But unlike PerfectPrivacy VPN, NordVPN is very cheap, despite its great technical performance.

New Products

Since recently, the provider also offers Nordlocker and Nordpass – the company’s new products. You can read more about them on our website. The products are new (2019) and maybe will more popular in the future.

NordVPN Major Security Updates

At the end of October, 2019, NordVPN promised 5 major security updates and has been working on them.

Promise 1: Partnership

NordVPN has announced a partnership with VerSprite focused on penetration testing, intrusion processing, and supplier risk assessment.

Promise 2: Bug Bounty program

Since December 12, 2019, NordVPN has been rewarding for finding errors in NordVPN. Hackers and cybersecurity experts can be paid if they discover any flaws in the system!

Promise 3: Infrastructure Security Audit

The audit will begin in 2020. This will be an audit of infrastructure hardware, VPN software, server architecture, server source code.

Promise 4: Supplier Safety Assessment

NordVPN has raised safety standards. They also create a network of shared servers that are exclusively owned by NordVPN.

Promise 5: Diskless Servers

NordVPN has already upgraded some of its servers to RAM servers and will continue to do that until it reaches 100% diskless servers. The fact is that a diskless server is immune to physical capture.

Also, on December 11, NordVPN became one of the founders of the VPN Trust Initiative (VTI). This is a coalition of leading VPN providers that talks about US Internet, cybersecurity policies and informs lawmakers. We strongly believe that lawmakers who are aware of cybersecurity are the key to a freer and more secure Internet. VPNs are a huge part of this process!

Transparent resources monitoring the server

The VPN servers of NordVPN are continuously monitored for free resources. This information is displayed not only directly on the website of the provider, but also in their access software. Thereby the user can always tell if he is on a connection and the full power itself can take. As a rule, however, more than 80% of resources are still available on individual servers.

Use TOR over NordVPN

Is NordVPN safe with TOR? There is also the possibility to directly connect to the TOR network via the VPN server and thus further disguise the identity. And you can also double-encrypt each connection. Although this reduces the transmission speeds, it can not be decrypted. Also, there are useful functions that also prevent programs from communicating independently via the Internet after a VPN connection disconnection. The provider has a firewall that also protects every single user from attacks from the Internet.

VPN servers with TOR connections are available in Japan, Sweden, and Latvia. This makes it possible to connect directly to the TOR (Onion) network through these VPN servers. Here comes the technical limitation that the first TOR access point can only know the previous identity (IP address). It has a positive effect on the anonymization.

NordVPN: other features
NordVPN: other features


Applications for Windows and macOS are quite simple to use, but if you want to make more detailed settings, then this is usually hard to find.
Therefore, we also have to deduct that if you want to make individual settings, it gets more complicated. As a result, we see that even our readers using the NordVPN are not happy about it.

NordVPN for all devices
NordVPN for all devices
NordVPN on Phone
NordVPN on Phone

Note: The applications for Windows + macOS are ONLY available in English!

NordVPN for Amazon FireTV devices

Now the NordVPN app for the FireTV devices is available. TV / Video Streaming Servers are located in the US and Canada, with additional leased lines directly to Europe, delivering superior speeds between the two continents. This is now available directly on the Appstore on the FireTV device and can be found, installed and used in a few seconds. But it makes sense to create a NordVPN account in the web browser of the PC because the registration and payment on FireTV do not work.

Note: Amazon Video + Netflix Apps + DAZN recognize the service and block its use.

However, you can also use other apps on the FireTV abroad: maxdome, DAZN, Eurosport, ARD, ZDF, zattoo, SRF, ORF and so on can be used without any problems.

Is NordVPN good at use with VPN routers?

NordVPN is also usable on ASUS home routers! However, other VPN providers are even better suited for use on home routers. We are testing them now and soon we will publish our reports about it.

Our NordVPN review shows that if you use NordVPN directly on an ASUS Wifi router, you can be connected 24h / day to all devices even without any installed applications. This is also ideal for having devices such as SmartTV, FireTV, Xbox or other receivers securely and permanently connected to NordVPN. ASUS routers are already available from 25 euros, so they are not a big investment and are stable and easy to use.

NordVPN supports ONLY the common OpenVPN protocol and no other one that would work on a home router, but this can limit the speed and usage options. NordVPN uses smaller individual VPN servers, which therefore may be crowded after a period of use by other users. On devices with the NordVPN app, these connections are fast and automatic, but on routers, it looks different. In the worst case, you then have to configure a new connection to another VPN server.

So, NordVPN is safe for use with routers as well.

NordVPN for Android
NordVPN for Android

Review NordVPN: travelling

Is NordVPN safe to use while travelling? For travellers, NordVPN offers many essential functions that guarantee security as well as access to free content, even abroad. The Obfuscation Server from NordVPN provides a stable connection even within the restrictive networks such as in China or Turkey. However, there are no German servers available. This means, that you won’t have access to German content – e. g. you will have problems streaming German Netflix etc. But in most cases, users will get by with the normal servers. But it is a little bit annoying that the changes to the protocols in the apps are quite hidden so that the users have to be well informed where to find and how to use these options.

NordVPN for Online-Games

For online players, it is important to have a low latency internet connection. Nevertheless, almost inevitably the latency is negatively influenced by using a VPN service. If you use a NordVPNs automatic server search per location, then the latency is on average less than 20ms+, which is an excellent value, in comparison with other VPN services.  However, this was possible only providing the connection to a fast server. After a few hours, this good performance may change because of the influence by other users. Therefore, it is recommended for online players to change the server from time to time.

DDoS protection also prevents users from other dangers that could negatively affect their gaming experience. You can connect your game console directly with NordVPN via routers.

NordVPN Review: Speed

The speed tests showed consistently excellent results, we were particularly impressed by the connection between the USA and Europe, which, in one test, achieved a speed of almost 100 MBit/sec for data transmission between NY and Frankfurt. That is almost a VPN record! Most servers have speeds of up to 300MBit/s, but you get even better results if you check, which servers are currently below their capacity limit, or if you choose a dedicated server. In combination with a VPN protocol like IEKv2, you can realize much faster bandwidths.

Is NordVPN worth it? 

As mentioned above, we have found out that the NordVPN servers have very low pings (latencies).

Although not all NordVPN servers represent own hardware, unnecessary redirects were obviously eliminated when the servers connected to the Internet.

Of course, it is also useful that applications always search and select the best available server before establishing a connection. Yes, NordVPN is worth it!

Max. speed tested
Germany | 19.03.2020

Review NordVPN: Conclusion

NordVPN review: Is NordVPN a clear privacy solution? We think, yes. For more Safety, you can use NordVPN on all devices. For mobile devices with Android or Apple iOS, the NordVPN apps are almost identical.
NordVPN is not the cheapest VPN. But overall it is a pleasant and reliable service. Most users are satisfied with the service and renew their subscriptions after expiration!

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