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SaferVPN review 2020

SaferVPN is a really good VPN provider if you want to be safe with just one touch and do not have to configure much. The company’s location is in Israel, so you do not have to worry about government inquiries. Legislation in Israel protects users’ privacy and data! The software is available for all devices and extremely easy to use. There are not many choices that could confuse an inexperienced user. Nevertheless, one thing is sure after our SaferVPN review, that you’re always safe with this provider! You can start immediately after one nice click.

Our conclusion to the SaferVPN review

SaferVPN is one of the simplest VPN provider on the world. The App is available in English and it is really easy to use. We would recommend this provider to every VPN beginner or to a person who just wants to be safe and don’t wants to configure many things. We love this provider for its simplicity!

This VPN is especially recommended for streaming, because you only need one klick and you can be safe and can watch your favourite movies. Without much confusion.

Company data

The business location is in Tel Aviv, Israel. Legislation in Israel protects the data of private people. You can easily stream with the service and you’re completely anonymous on the way. Since 2010 it is possible to use SaferVPN and since then they made a lot of improvements.

Prices / Tariffs

For 1 month, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years there are subscriptions. The prices depend on it. Each plan also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. In principle, SaferVPN is a cheap provider and it pays off to test it.

SaferVPN on every device
SaferVPN apps available on every device

The SaferVPN apps

It is very pleasant that SaferVPN also has a simple Chrome extension. The benefit of the software is even possible for someone who has no idea about VPNs. The app is available for all devices and all common operating systems. Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux or on the router – everything is possible. Theoretically, there are instructions for installation on the manufacturer’s side, but that’s so easy that you do not even need them! Just download and connect! All apps are available in English.


This VPN service offers unlimited bandwidth and the speeds are very good. There will be no dropouts and you can enjoy the internet without interruptions and at full speed.

Max. speed tested
Germany | 08.01.2020

Anonymous on the Internet with Safer VPN

The provider is ideal for streaming purposes because of its safety measures. You can not be spied on and you’re safe in the net. The company uses the most modern and secure encryption protocols and protects against warnings. Some providers are not as reliable as SaferVPN, but also those that offer the user even more options. For VPN beginners or people who do not have high standards, this service is perfect for! You can connect five devices at the same time with just one account, which is enough for the whole family!

Streaming – TV and video content

SaferVPN is designed for streaming. With the browser extension, it’s completely easy to access all sorts of content and watch your favorite series or movies without interruptions. Even if you stream over a longer period, there are no problems. Authorities can not access user data, so you will not receive a warning. You have unlimited bandwidth available and there are no interruptions while watching.

Torrenting with SaferVPN

Today, SaferVPN is also used for the exchanges. You can also achieve very good speeds and are therefore suitable for this without reservations. To create an optimal download ratio for users, the servers in Russia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Sweden are recommended. The servers offer excellent speed and absolute security against warnings.

Usage on the router

If you want to protect your entire network with VPN, ASUS routers offer the perfect basis for this. SaferVPN supports the required protocols OpenVPN and also PPTP and can, therefore, be used very easily on most ASUS routers.

SaferVPN for Online-Gaming

It is possible to play online games with this VPN. You are protected against DDoS attacks. Usage on consoles is not possible, so you better choose another provider like for example, VyprVPN.

SaferVPN while traveling

Especially for users who are traveling or abroad, SaferVPN offers an easy way to open the well-known domestic websites and media libraries on the Internet. By connecting to your home country, all content that is only intended for local users is available. It is very easy to use and does not require any basic technical knowledge. Of course, these functions offer many VPN services, but as simple as SaferVPN has implemented, this is easy to understand and use for beginners. There is a big PLUS from us for that.

Customer support

The service offers a 24/7 live chat. So you can always report a problem. There is a Q&A website and you can contact the service also via email. They are there for you all the time and answer your questions.

SaferVPN download functions

There are not many functions that you can configure. All happens in the background and the user just needs to choose his favorite country.

Frequently asked questions

How many devices can I connect to one account?

You can connect 5 devices with only one account!

Is there a browser extension?

Yes there is a browser proxy extension which makes streaming super easy!

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