Surfshark VPN Review: more than 1040 servers and high protection level

Surfshark VPN

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  • Huge list of additional features coming with this service.
  • Cheaper than others but more powerfull comparing with well know VPN brands
  • The best Apps for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS are available.
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections per user
  • No logs policy

Surfshark VPN Review 2020

Surfshark VPN is a newcomer from B.V. Islands, which wants to score with simple operation. The VPN provider is good for TV Streaming via Browser and all other devices. The wide range of applications makes it a full-fledged VPN Service for most applications. In our Surfshark VPN review, you will find a lot of information about this provider.

Product descriptionSurfshark VPN
Recommended applicationsAmazon Video Germanyavoiding dissuasionsavoiding geo-blockingdata safetyfilesharing torrentmaximum anonymityNetflix (DE)protection of hackers virusessafe communicationStreaming (Urheberr.)use in ChinaVPN-Router (ASUS)

Our conclusion to the Surfshark review

Surfshark is the newcomer 2019! It is a really high quality VPN with nice prices. All the functions for the privacy are phenomenal. With this provider you can be 100% safe and don’t need to worry about streaming warnings. You can easily install the app and be safe with just one click.

Company data

Surfshark is one of the best VPNs available. It’s a premium service that combines lots of useful features to give you really what is almost the complete VPN. The provider is known for its highly secure service and as well for an easy to use experience. The combination has attracted already more than 2 million users worldwide.

Many of our readers are using this VPN provider because of the ability to unblock international streaming services and to avoid geographical restrictions which are often applied to them. That’s for sure a good reason to use this VPN, but the service is also a great partner for Torrent or Downloading files securely and anonymously. Besides, not all providers offer a full money-back guarantee, so you can use Surfshark free trial. Scroll down to learn more about the product in this Surfshark review.

Surfshark VPN Review: more than 1040 servers and high protection level 1

Operating locationBritish Virgin IslandsIsrael
Billing locationCyprus
Local laws influence on clients protection
Operation and billing are separated
Servers location63
no log files
Own DNS server
Virtual server
Dedicated server
RAM-disk Server
Hardware's owner
Owner of IP-address

Surfshark VPN Pricing

This VPN is one of the few providers with no restrictions at all! There is a money-back guarantee, so you have Surfshark free trial. Any user can use the service at any number of devices at the same time without limit.

Prices / Tarifs
Free using
Tariff (1 Month )12.95 USD
Tariff (6 Months )38.94 USD (per month 6.49 USD)
Tariff (24 Months )50.95 USD (per month 2.12 USD)
Number of connections per accountunlimited
Test optionsMoney back guarantee

Android App


Shark VPN offers free Software for Windows, Mac OSX, Android, Apple iOS and many instructions for routers, game consoles, etc.

Note: The Android app is pretty easy to use!

Surfshark for MacOS

The macOS app can also be found in the app store or you can download the app directly from the provider’s website. The fact that this also exists in the AppStore shows that software implementation also meets Apple’s criteria. This is a good sign and also guarantees compatibility.

As a rule, after installation, the application becomes very simple and intuitive to use. The settings are not extensive but they cover all known scenarios without complaints.

Surfshark on Windows and macOS

Our Surfshark review shows that for Windows and macOS, manual configurations are directly located in the operating system. OpenVPN, as well as IEKv2, is supported and configuration files are also available. Those who do not want to change the connection often have the opportunity to use the service. Unfortunately, however, the various sources of problems are not covered, so you should find some “rework” and ways to manually close security holes.

Wireguard SurfsharkNew! WireGuard for Android, iOS, Windows & macOS

Since fall 2020 Surfshark also offers the innovative VPN protocol WireGuard which is said to change the future of VPN. With this simple, only few code characters including but at the same time very secure, top-encrypted open source protocol, the service achieves a new maximum in speed compared to established protocols such as OpenVPN.

Surfshark bypasses the privacy vulnerabilities associated with WireGuard (because it always assigns the same static IP address to the user) with a double NAT system: With WireGuard, you receive a new IP address every time you connect to a VPN server – data that identifies you cannot be stored.

If you can’t find WireGuard in your app, please update it. Then you should be able to select the new protocol.

The speed with Surf shark

In our regular tests, we check the transmission speed under defined and always the same conditions. Therefore, the values ​​we present here for Surfshark are comparable to others.

Max. speed tested
Germany | 12.10.2020

Anonymous on the internet

You can be 100% safe with Surfshark. This provider got many functions with high quality. The service offers a fair amount of security technology in its applications. KillSwitch (i.e. the automatic blocking of data in the event of a VPN connection failure) can also be used. There is also automatic detection of protected networks, which helps you to always be safe on the Internet.

Anonymity in internet
Altered virtual location
Protection from requests for information
General monitoring protection
Targeted monitoring protection
no log files
Obfuscation (masking)


Shark VPN allows its users to bypass blocking: use Surfshark free trial to make sure. Many different criteria are important for streaming. On the one hand, users should be protected from persecution and warnings. Then there is also the fact that many English-language TV contents also want to watch abroad, Surfshark copes with TV portals like zattoo without any problems. With the premium streaming offers such as Amazon Prime Video or DAZN, however, a lot has changed for the worse in recent weeks.

Streaming TV and video content
Use on the home router
Use with KODI
FireTV App
Avoid warnings
Supported streaming platformsNetflixDAZNEurosportMaxdomezattooARDZDFBRN24MDRrbbWDRArte3SatPro7Sat1Kabel1Disney+ (DE)MagentaTV (DE)ORFSRFServus TV

Torrent and Downloading

Anyone who downloads files from the Internet, whether directly or via Torrent, wants to keep their identity secret under all circumstances. Surf shark protects Torrent users to the multi-stage KillSwitch, i.e. a function of the interruptions of the VPN, and data unprotected would be immediate bind detects. Also, the Server of Surfshark free countries such as the Netherlands, Russia or Switzerland is popular because available. Therefore, many users bet on this provider, and we can also understand why they give us positive feedback about it.

Download and Torrent
Torrent usage allowed
Own Torrent Server
Avoid warnings
Port forwarding

Surfshark on all devices

Surfshark Review: Surfshark with VPN routers

In our Surfshark VPN review, we also should tell about how it works on a router. This VPN is great for use on routers thanks to loading balancing on most sites. If you want to use ASUS router, Gl-iNet or other VPN client routers at home, this provider offers good solutions for everyone. Even with Shadowsocks on routers, it can be used faster than any other VPN service.

One advantage is that devices can be used even without their software. This is possible not only on Windows and macOS but also on Asus home routers. With the review, we also created a “Surfshark guide on ASUS Router” that shows you how easy it is to implement. This is a great way for many readers to use the service for all devices. We also recommend the ASUS router, which you can buy from 30 Euro.

So if you are looking for not so expensive service for your home network – Surfshark is the right provider. It is also absolutely recommended.

Using with VPN-Client Router
Using with Routers
Load Balancing
Fail-safe operation
Own router application
Compatible withASUSGl-iNetDD-WRTTomatoVilfo Router

Surfshark for Online-Games

This provider makes online gaming possible! You are protected against DDoS attacks and you can connect this VPN with your Xbox and Playstation. Be safe with Surfshark VPN!

Online gaming
Low latency
Use on game consolesPlayStationXBox
DDoS protection

Surfshark by traveling

In this Surfshark VPN review, we also want to talk about traveling with a VPN! Traveling with Surf shark is good for many reasons! Mobile apps for iOS and Android are not only easy to use but also use the Shadowsocks Protocol, which allows you to establish stable connections even in very restrictive networks: even in China, it functions almost without restrictions.

VPN for travelling and in foreign countries
Using in restrictive networks (China, hotels)
Obfuscation (masking)
Protection in unsafe WiFi-networks
Shadowsocks or SOCKS5

Customer support

The customer support is very nice! You can ask questions via live chat or email. Or you can search for answers on the Q&A website.

Customer service
Interface languageEnglishFrenchGermanRussianSpanishSwedish
Customer serviceEmailLive-ChatQ&A Website
Customer service languageGermanEnglishFrenchSwedishSpanish

Surfshark VPN Review: more than 1040 servers and high protection level 2Features

For several months, the provider has created applications and software for all devices, as well as very well-illustrated instructions for external devices such as routers. This is very impressive because the quality and processing of applications have also become much easier. However, all applications offer a good or even very good level of security-related features.

If you download Surfshark, over 61 countries will be eligible for you. During the connection, the “VPN” connection status with a typical symbol is displayed at the top of the screen.

Shadowsocks Proxy can be used with the app for Windows. Also, the advantage is that the transmission of ” Shadowsocks” cannot be blocked even in highly restricted networks. So this VPN now also works as the most reliable and first VPN in China.

With Shadowsocks Proxy you can bypass the strongest locks

Currently, this connection method is only limited to the Windows version, but soon it will also be working on implementing this on macOS and Android.
* Shadowsocks socks5 Proxy-penetrates the Chinese Internet firewall. But so far there has not been a single commercial vendor that has implemented this technique on their servers and offered it to their customers.

Extra features

CleanWebSurf in a clear cyber sea without ads, trackers, malware or phishing attempts.

Surfshark VPN Review: more than 1040 servers and high protection level 3

Surfshark VPN Review: more than 1040 servers and high protection level 4

  • Whitelister
    Allow some apps and websites to bypass a VPN. Perfect for mobile banking applications.
  • Tarnmodus
    It ensures that even your ISP will not be able to detect that you are using a VPN. You’re always alone.
  • NoBorders
    The Internet should be accessible to all. This mode allows you to successfully use Surfshark in limited areas or limited countries.
  • KillSwitch
    Your network is secure even when the VPN connection is lost. If the VPN connection fails, the transmission of all data will be blocked and therefore the information will not be released.

Surfshark review: Virtual Private Server

In our test, we examined the service more closely and also found that Surfshark “Virtual Private Server” is rented and used. On the one hand, this is easy to understand, since it limits costs, especially for a newly created supplier, but also is not a satisfactory alternative for users who want absolute protection of their identities.

Encrypted proxy browser extensions

Connections via extension numbers are used through an encrypted proxy connection, which prevents third parties from viewing data, and also due to technical characteristics, there is no speed delay. However, and we would like to repeat here, proxy connections are not real VPN connections and protect only the data that is transmitted directly through the browser!

The android app runs clean

The implementation of the Android application with the L2TP protocol (IEKv2), which is already integrated into the operating system, is logical and correctly selected. It also allows you to safely use the functions of the operating system. Similarly, the Shadowsocks protocol is available, which also helps unite stable ties in China or other restrictive countries.

Own DNS server

Neither own DNS servers, nor cascades, nor other protection functions are offered. Thus, the service is ideal for quickly using a different IP address from the Internet. Other requirements to protect your identity and the security of your device’s data are by no means adequately implemented.

Special functions
Always On Server
Dedicated Server
IP changing
IPv6 (new)
Load Balancing
Malware filter
Multi Hop VPN
No logfiles
Obfuscation (Mask)
Own Hardware
Own IP adresses
Own Torrent Server
Port forwarding
RAM-Disc (k.HDD)
Shared IP
Smart DNS
Static IP
Tracking Blocker
Virtual servers
VPN with TOR

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Surfshark VPN.

How many servers does Surfshark have?

More than 1.000 servers worldwide.

Where is Suarfshark located?

The company location is in B.V. Islands.

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