VyprVPN Review 2021: The Best Premium Streaming Provider


8.33 USD







Customer Support





  • Own Infrstructure and own developed software
  • Steady service with high reliability
  • Chameleon VPN protocoll
  • Own DNS Server
  • Company Location in Switzerland prevents authority access


  • Less payment options available: PayPal + Cards only

VyprVPN Review: A great choice for streaming & more

VyprVPN offers a lot of innovative features. We have tested them all. You’ll find the details in our brand-new VyprVPN review 2021!

Product descriptionVyprVPN
Recommended applicationsAmazon Video Germanyavoiding dissuasionsavoiding geo-blockingdata safetyfilesharing torrentmaximum anonymityNetflix (DE)protection of hackers virusessafe communicationSky GoStreaming (Urheberr.)use in ChinaVPN-Router (ASUS)

Our estimate about VyprVPN

Best VPN for Streaming
Best VPN for Streaming

Best VPN for Streaming

VyprVPN is among the best VPNs available. It’s a premium service that combines lots of useful features. The provider is known for its highly secure service and easy-to-use experience. The combination has already attracted more than 2 million users worldwide.

A lot of our readers prefer using VyprVPN because of the opportunity to bypass blockades of international Streaming Services, which is often connected with geographical restrictions. That’s for sure a good reason to use Vypr VPN. Besides, he service is a great partner for Torrenting or Downloading files securely and anonymously.


VyprVPN is well suited for:

  • TV and video online in high stable quality
  • Maximum anonymity on the Internet
  • Secure data transfer without log files
  • Ideal also for travelling or abroad (China, Turkey, etc.)
  • Anonymous secure communication over the Internet
  • Attack/hacker protection through NAT Firewall
  • High security on all devices
  • Use of file sharing sites

Company – Goldenfrog

The Swiss company has been developing the latest encryption technologies and related services for over 30 years. VyprVPN clients also receive an included DNS server without records and their VPN Chameleon protocol with 256-bit encryption. This is one of the fastest, most modern and secure ways to transfer VPN data in the world today! As a PREMIUM VPN provider, VyprVPN offers a great speed without glitches!

The Swiss company has been working for more than 30 years in the development of state-of-the-art encryption technologies and related services. Accordingly, it has a lot of experience in the field of privaсy and safety and thus, many satisfied users all over the world.

VyprVPN officially owns over 300,000 IP addresses

To avoid any legal issues, the IP addresses used by the VPN servers are also registered directly to the company – over 300,000 in total. Due to this large number, VyprVPN is able to assign a dedicated IP address to each customer while they are using the service. This results in a higher quality of service, but also a high level of flexibility and control over the network.


Operating locationSwitzerland
Billing locationSwitzerland
Local laws influence on clients protection
Operation and billing are separated
Servers location64
no log files
Own DNS server
Virtual server
Dedicated server
RAM-disk Server
Hardware's owner
Owner of IP-address

Our exclusive Interviews with VyprVPN

OnTour Interview with Sunday Yokubaitis (CEO of Goldenfrog)

VyprVPN Review 2021: The Best Premium Streaming Provider 1

OnTour Video: The VyprVPN Team

VyprVPN Review 2021: The Best Premium Streaming Provider 2

(This is the short version of the interview, the full version is available on our YouTube Channel)

NEW: VyprVPN WireGuard

WireGuard Logo Now also VyprVPN offers the exciting Wireguard protocol to its users. Wireguard is one of the latest innovations in VPN transmissions and offers significantly faster speeds while maintaining a high level of security. On many devices you can already register as a beta user and use Wireguard from VyprVPN.



You’ll enjoy these benefits with VyprVPN Wireguard:

  • Faster transfer speeds
  • Reduced latency
  • Stable connections even in instable networks
  • Easy integration on different devices

VyprVPN pricing and payment options

Discounted VyprVPN Premium prices (-25%), only for our readers! VyprVPN pricing is fair.

You get:

  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • ASUS routers need a single connection, so you can use it to connect an unlimited number of devices
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • No time limit
  • Access to the entire network in 79 countries
  • Free Apps/applications for all devices
  • Use of the ChameleonProtocol helps to conceal, as much as possible, the VPN connection in the countries with strong restrictions (China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Morocco, etc). However, it has the same data security (encryption like OpenVPN 256, which is also included in the Standard tariff)
  • Your VPN Server via VyprVPN Cloud. With VyprVPN CloudServer you can operate your own VPN Server e.g. at a host like DigitalOcean
  • Your own DNS Server
Prices / Tarifs
Free using
Tariff (1 Month )15 USD
Tariff (12 Months )100 USD (per month 8.33 USD)
Number of connections per account5
Test optionsMoney back guarantee

VyprVPN Apps

The provider offers software for different devices and operating systems. The browser extension for comfortable surfing is also available.

Available protocolsIKEv2L2TP/IPSecOpenVPN (TCP)OpenVPN (UDP)Own protocolPPTPSSL/ProxyWireGuard
Own appsAndroidApple iOSASUSWRTBlackberryDD-WRTFire TVFirefox extensionKODI Add-onLinuxMac OS XOpenVPN UDPOpenWrtother OS/integrationTomatoWindows
KillSwitch function
Interface languageEnglishFrenchGermanRussianSpanish

Update 2021: VyprVPN macOS app supports Apple’s M1 chip

In November 2020, Apple started to equip its new Macs with their own M1 chips instead of Intel chips like before. The M1 chips are supposed to offer users more convenience and a better performance. However, there is a catch: in order to use apps on these devices, dedicated software has to be installed: Rosetta minimizes performance by up to an enormous 20%, battery life suffers, and you don’t tap the potential of the devices.

As an innovation driver, such a shortcoming is a thorn in VyprVPN’s side. Accordingly, the provider – as one of the first VPN providers – has reacted and realized a seamless native integration of the M1 chips. Users do not have to install the Rosetta software or do anything else, the VyprVPN app runs smoothly without any intervention on the Mac. Better said, it runs even better. And one enjoys a straightforward installation process as well as running operation.

Tested Speed

VyprVPN is represented by a GoldenFrog’s VPN network, with a focus on a high-quality hardware, a designed software, and a fast and stable Internet connection. This can also be seen in our connection speed test results. The provider shows clear and stable results here and does not have overloaded servers. VyprVPN does not reduce the speed at all!

Server technology “without failures and always with the maximum speed”

VyprVPN uses load balancing connections in its infrastructure, which has significant advantages in fault tolerance and speed compared to”simple VPN servers”. Therefore, there are no overloaded servers.

Always top speed in our tests

With automatic connections and self-optimization, our tests always had the same pattern and we have been always able to achieve the maximum bandwidth that was affected by the chosen VPN Protocol and the chosen location.

Do you want to do a speed test on your own? Just go ahead and try with our tool.

Faster: VyprVPN WireGuard

Thanks to the new VPN protocol WireGuard, VyprVPN now also offers significantly lower latency times and higher transmission speeds. Although Wireguard is currently only available in the beta stage and only on the company’s own apps, it will soon be fully operational. At the beginning of May 2020, we did a speed test of VyprVPN with WireGuard and were able to observe a  significant improvement. We are looking forward to using this new VPN standard on all our devices!

Max. speed tested
Germany | 26.03.2021


For privacy it is essential, whether a VPN provider stores log files. We assure you: As shown in our VyprVPN review, VyprVPN does NOT store any log files! This has been published and verified by an external body, the renowned “Leviathan Security Group”. VyprVPN No logs

Test report: VyprVPN log files, by LEVIATHAN SECURITY GROUP.

The service is, therefore, a “No Logfiles” provider, which also protects the security and identity of the users 100% with various measures. Thanks to Chameleon VPN protocol’s high-security, the service is fast and reliable. VyprDNS also eliminates your security risk. VyprDNS is a DNS service owned and operated by Goldenfrog and is exclusively available to VyprVPN users. This guarantees maximum protection from snooping and full anonymity. VyprVPN Premium does not store any protocols and uses only its own hardware, software, and infrastructure.

It is also important to note that the provider does not allow a third-party access to its servers. Therefore no log files about user activities are created by third parties. VyprVPN is the only provider that uses 100% own hardware.

Anonymity in internet
Altered virtual location
Protection from requests for information
General monitoring protection
Targeted monitoring protection
no log files
Obfuscation (masking)


Our VyprVPN review shows: The service is the best choice for Premium Streaming. It is the only provider that allows you to access streaming platforms worldwide by using the service with the maximum security while streaming. This makes VyprVPN a premium provider!
Of course, you will also be protected from research and warnings when accessing streaming platforms.

Excellent for Streaming
Excellent for Streaming

VyprVPN offers the best support for “Streaming abroad” and has noticeably optimized its own network for streaming. No other VPN service supports more streaming platforms than VyprVPN and of course the users are out-and-out secure.

Best VPN for Streaming


Best VPN for Streaming: VyprVPN

VyprVPN Review 2021: The Best Premium Streaming Provider 3

What makes VyprVPN the best premium streaming provider?

VyprVPN on the phone
VyprVPN on the phone
VyprVPN on the computer
VyprVPN on the computer

The VPN is the only provider that allows you to watch your favourite streaming platforms without any problems. So you can get this content all over the world while using the service. Netflix is also available with VyprVPN!

The provider offers a large number of different VPN transfer protocols to use. This allows you to choose the optimal VPN Protocol for each network used (Internet connection) when you are streaming and, thus, increase the stability of connections or make full use of the data transfer rate. If you notice an abnormal loss of speed, it is always worth using a different Protocol first: because of the typical differences in the network, it is not clear which Protocol with which ISP leads to the best results while streaming. With VyprVPN, you have, in any case, all the available options to choose from:

  • Chameleon
  • OpenVPN
  • L2TP / IPsec
  • IEKv2 (macOS, iOS)
  • PPTP
  • WireGuard (NEW!)

Maximum streaming security

Of course, you will also be protected from research and warnings when accessing streaming platforms like Netflix. That makes your streaming experience not only fun but also safe. As we said before: VyprVPN is the best Streaming provider!

Streaming TV and video content
Use on the home router
Use with KODI
FireTV App
Avoid warnings
Supported streaming platformsNetflixAmazon VideoDAZNSkyEurosportMaxdomezattooN24MDRrbbWDRArte3SatDisney+ (DE)SRFServus TV

VyprVPN Review 2021: The Best Premium Streaming Provider 4
Safety with downloading/torrenting

When using torrents, the data is shared with thousands of other participants, which means that one’s IP address reveals one’s identity. Therefore, using a VPN today is almost mandatory. Better results can be obtained from providers that offer port forwarding for this, as it also allows faster processing and responding to requests from other users. Most VPNs do not have this feature. However, you can also get very good transmission values with conventional providers, like in our VyprVPN review tests.

Those who frequently use downloading or torrenting consider VyprVPN to be completely safe from alerts or tracking.

Download and Torrent
Torrent usage allowed
Own Torrent Server
Avoid warnings
Port forwarding

Support of VPN routers at home

Cisco Linksys E2500 with VyprVPN
Cisco Linksys E2500 with VyprVPN

Do you want to use your VPN with a router? No problem with VyprVPN either! The provider offers all the needed features.

Using with VPN-Client Router
Using with Routers
Load Balancing
Fail-safe operation
Own router application
Compatible withASUSGl-iNetDD-WRTTomatoVilfo Router

Online-Gaming (Support for Online Gamers)

VyprVPN is an operator of the Outfox online gaming network, so this provider has valuable experience. You can also connect game consoles using a router or other external devices and the PPTP VPN Protocol.

Online gaming
Low latency
Use on game consolesPlayStationXBox
DDoS protection

VyprVPN for travellers

Another important aspect of an efficient VPN is its performance when you are travelling. VyprVPN guarantees free internet without barriers outside your home country. You can access your favourite websites even within the restrictive networks, stream what you like everywhere, etc.

Chameleon™ with Smart IP: Successfully Combating the Strictest Censorship

Despite multiple global efforts to create a free Internet for all, the Chinese government continues to push its censorship to the extreme. The government there censors an enormous amount of content, including news, services like Gmail or Twitter, and popular websites. In recent years, the Chinese government has also started to use DPI (deep packet inspection) to examine Internet traffic and determine if a user is using a VPN connection. This means that VPNs can now be blocked as well.

To combat this censorship in China and other extremely restrictive governments, VyprVPN has developed Chameleon™ with Smart IP. This extension to the Chameleon protocol aims to provide Internet users with consistent, reliable, and secure access to the Internet – even when connecting from restricted countries.

VPN for travelling and in foreign countries
Using in restrictive networks (China, hotels)
Obfuscation (masking)
Protection in unsafe WiFi-networks
Shadowsocks or SOCKS5


VyprVPN is an easy to use provider. However, it is inevitable that some questions may arise. But that’s no problem at all. There is plenty of possibilities to get help from the professional support team.

Customer service
Interface languageEnglishFrenchGermanRussianSpanish
Customer serviceEmailForumLive-ChatQ&A Website
Customer service languageGermanEnglishFrenchSwedishSpanish

Special Options & Features

VyprVPN is quite an experienced and dynamic provider. It offers a lot of special features. These guarantee more safety, privacy and, last but not least, the best VPN experience possible.

Use your own VPN server with static IP with VyprVPN

One more interesting feature of VyprVPN is that you can use your own VPN server with Cloudserver. This means that a static IP address can be used on any device. It can be used to protect your home network most effectively.

Secure VPN protocols to choose from

The provider offers a large number of different VPN transfer protocols to use. You can choose the optimal VPN protocol for each network used (Internet connection) and, thus, increase the stability of connections on the one hand or also fully use the data transfer speeds.

VyprDNS – encrypted DNS without log files

DNS translates hostnames (for example, www.vpntester.org) into computer-readable IP addresses ( so that your computer can exchange data with the correct host.


Even more important than this feature, certain programs can only be connected using an active VPN tunnel in VyprVPN applications. This ensures that even if your Internet connection is not established due to a technical malfunction, your file-sharing program will never be able to establish a connection with a real IP address. Therefore, you are always protected when using it, even in case of error.

Malicious Content Filter

This feature filters and blocks malware and other threats from content from the Internet.

Wi-Fi Public Protection

With this option, the VyprVPN application recognizes whether it is a secure network and immediately blocks data traffic on insecure networks and attempts to establish a VPN connection.


Special functions
Always On Server
Dedicated Server
IP changing
IPv6 (new)
Load Balancing
Malware filter
Multi Hop VPN
No logfiles
Obfuscation (Mask)
Own Hardware
Own IP adresses
Own Torrent Server
Port forwarding
RAM-Disc (k.HDD)
Shared IP
Smart DNS
Static IP
Tracking Blocker
Virtual servers
VPN with TOR

Frequently asked questions about VyprVPN

Is VyprVPN a US provider?

It is true that the founders and most employees are now in Austin, Texas (USA).

However, the company was founded to protect users from surveillance by US authorities: therefore, the independent company was founded in Switzerland.

All VyprVPN events are carried out by Goldenfrog GmbH in Meggen in Switzerland. This ensures that US authorities cannot access user data.

VyprVPN: Conclusion

In comparison with all competitors, VyprVPN offers the best service for streaming video platforms at home and abroad. If you are looking for a VPN provider that combines high speed and secure encryption, then VyprVPN is the right choice for you. Also, the provider supports the sustainability of its own development department, has its own equipment/infrastructure and, therefore, does not share its VPN servers with others, which guarantees security and good performance. The company stands for maximum transparency and data security. Therefore, this is one of the few truly reliable VPN services on the market.

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