Windscribe VPN review – Is the service really 100% safe?

Windscribe VPN

4.08 USD







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  • Free Windscribe Chrome extension available
  • Tariff available for only 1 USD per month
  • A dedicated static IP address can be added.


  • Canadian laws require the provider to collect data
  • Windscribe uses proxy services for filtering, what poses potential threats to data integrity
  • Leased server infrastructure

Brief introduction

Windscribe VPN is a VPN service from Canada, that is well known for its vast amount of marketing and advertising (how this can be we tell you later on …) Formerly the provider offered a Windscribe free VPN, now you only get a free Chrome extension. The premium tariff, which seems to be inexpensive at $49/year, offers a variety of options. Reason enough for us to take a more critical look at the service. Find all the advantages and disadvantages of our following Windscribe review.

Product descriptionWindscribe VPN
Recommended applicationsavoiding dissuasionsavoiding geo-blockingdata safetyfilesharing torrentprotection of hackers virusesStreaming (Urheberr.)VPN-Router (ASUS)

Our Windscribe review conclusion

Windscribe VPN became known through a free tariff that was offered on many platforms. In the meantime, the service has changed as we recognized when doing this Windscribe VPN review. The service isn’t free anymore but it offers many additional features with a Windscribe download. But if you think that Windscribe now is “the most secure VPN ever”, you must keep in mind that the Canadian service uses proxy services to filter activities and also log files. The users will certainly remain protected from civil law requests (warnings), but this system does not offer complete security, as VPN Windscribe itself indicates.


Windscribe VPN is a VPN service from Canada. It offers ad blockers and additional email accounts. Because of its location, the service poses risks to the privacy of its users. We will tell you more about those risks in detail later on.

Pricing and payment options

While there was a Windscribe free VPN with a Windscribe limited monthly data volume, this possibility is now limited to the web browser extension (Windscribe Chrome). So, it is no longer possible for new users to get the service as a free Windscribe download. Dollars

There is now actually only one tariff, which can be used via monthly payment of $9 or an annual payment of $49. This allows you to use all available servers on up to 6 devices at the same time. Not included are services like “static IP addresses” which have to be purchased additionally.

In a Windscribe limited version, you can also use single server access and pay only $1 per month for this only server. For example Windscribe Android on a Swedish server.

The provider also offered a Windscribe lifetime plan but stopped doing so last year, as we found out on Windscribe Reddit. This Windscribe lifetime offer enabled the user to work with Windscribe VPN for a very long time.

Windscribe review – payment methods

You can pay for your Windscribe VPN download with many different methods: PayPal, credit cards, Bitcoin, instant bank transfer (Paymentwall), etc. are available. You should also be especially critical of the fact that according to Canadian law, your credit card data must remain stored with the provider. This means that de facto you have already been fully authenticated with your purchase.

Windscribe Promo Codes & Windscribe Vouchers

If you want to know if there is a Windscribe Promo Code or Windscribe Voucher available at the moment you should check Windscribe Reddit. There often are Windscribe Voucher codes published there. You can use these Windscribe Voucher Codes for example to download Windscribe Android. You find Windscribe Reddit here – and also maybe you’re sought after Windscribe Vouchers.

Prices / Tarifs
Free using
Tariff (1 Month )9 USD
Tariff (12 Months )49 USD (per month 4.08 USD)
Number of connections per account1
Test optionsFree tarif is availableMoney back guarantee


Windscribe VPN offers various apps. So you can use the service on your mobile devices e. g. with the Windscribe Android App as well as at home. There is also a Windscribe Chrome extension which is practical for surfing on the internet. The extension is free to use but it is not 100% safe as only the data which is sent and received directly via the browser is encrypted. Before you do your Windscribe download you should consider this.

Available protocolsIKEv2OpenVPN (TCP)OpenVPN (UDP)SOCKS5SSL/ProxySSTP
Own appsAndroidApple iOSASUSWRTChrome extensionDD-WRTFirefox extensionLinuxMac OS XOpenVPN UDPOpenWrtTomatoWindows
KillSwitch function
Interface languageEnglishFrenchGermanRussianSpanishSwedish

Windscribe VPN Review: ServersWindscribe menu

Most of the VPN servers we tested in our Windscribe VPN review were “rental servers”. This means, that the IP addresses are not directly registered from the provider, but the owners of the servers. In case of investigations by authorities, these hosts are contacted first. In some countries, they create extensive connection protocols and forward them to authorities. This means that no matter if Windscribe VPN itself stores user activities or not, this is done by their server hosts! Therefore, when you choose a Windscribe server, you have to decide whether the server’s country legislation protects your identity or not.

Tested Speed

The fact that the provider uses proxy services can be seen in the speeds of our Windscribe review. These were always relatively easy to understand up to 8MB/s. But above that, there were strong variations. The reason for this is that, as a “proxy” pretends to be the user, there are only limited resources for decryption and re-encryption of SSL content.

Max. speed tested
Germany | 15.10.2021

Privacy & anonymity – Is Windscribe safe?

We are of course far from 100% anonymity with a provider based in Canada. The country is bounded to legal conditions, which demand comprehensive cooperation from providers to monitor users even without judicial orders. These regulations will be implemented if the provider adheres to local laws. Canada as part of the worldwide USA surveillance machine does its duty here.

As far as privacy is concerned, the Windscribe VPN Premium version allows you at least to protect your data from your internet provider and the data retention laws that apply in your home country. The VPN Windscribe free version does not provide any security. It just offers the possibility to obtain IP addresses from some other countries. So we have to answer the question “Is Windscribe safe” with no, not completely.

Therefore we have to say in this Windscribe review, you should not use Windscribe VPN under any circumstances if you also want to protect yourself from the dangers of data storage by authorities or other international institutions.

Anonymity in internet
Altered virtual location
Protection from requests for information
General monitoring protection
Targeted monitoring protection
no log files
Obfuscation (masking)

Streaming availability Windscribe Netflix

Windscribe Netflix? Not a good idea: Since the data and especially the real IP address of the users are stored and the provider also passes the information on, it is not recommendable to use Windscribe VPN for streaming. Windscribe Netflix is also no option with the premium version. In general, Canadian companies are obliged to keep the data of the users. It’s not true, that Windscribe does not store any data.

Streaming TV and video content
Use on the home router
Use with KODI
FireTV App
Avoid warnings
Supported streaming platformsNetflixzattooARDZDFBRMDRrbbWDRArte3SatServus TV

Safety with Windscribe Torrenting/Download

Many readers ask us if you can use the service for Windscribe Torrenting. Yes, it’s possible – BUT: The problem is that Windscribe will save your data (your real IP-address) and could pass it on if there is a legally correct request from authorities or because of copyright issues or other investigations. You should know that your identity will not be protected. The provider’s terms and conditions also state that copyright relevant activities by users are not permitted. So like Windscribe Netflix should not be on your list of use cases with Windscribe also Torrenting isn’t a good idea either.

Download and Torrent
Torrent usage allowed
Own Torrent Server
Avoid warnings
Port forwarding

Support of VPN Routers at home VILFO Router

Our Windscribe VPN review shows that Windscribe VPN does not offer real support for home routers and has no load balancing function available. There are instructions on the Internet that show how to get the service running on routers, but they have not become stable in our Windscribe VPN review tests.

The only router that has Windscribe already installed and thus offers perfect support is the VILFO Router. This is not quite cheap but a really good device, as our VILFO Router review shows.

Using with VPN-Client Router
Using with Routers
Load Balancing
Fail-safe operation
Own router application
Compatible withASUSGl-iNetDD-WRTTomatoVilfo Router

Online Gaming (Support for Online Gamers)

For online gamers, there are some important points that Windscribe could not fulfill, at least in our test for this Windscribe VPN review. The ping times are much higher than those of direct connections and can therefore also lead to problems. Also, you can’t use Windscribe VPN on game consoles.

Online gaming
Low latency
Use on game consoles
DDoS protection

Windscribe VPN for Travellers China

With the Windscribe Apps like Windscribe Android, you are well equipped even when traveling. However, the service does not offer special functions like “obfuscation” which would also allow to build up a connection in restrictive networks. In China, the service is completely blocked as our tests for the Windscribe VPN review showed.

VPN for travelling and in foreign countries
Using in restrictive networks (China, hotels)
Obfuscation (masking)
Protection in unsafe WiFi-networks
Shadowsocks or SOCKS5

Customer Support

Working with a VPN should be easy – but sometimes questions arise all the same: If you need any help regarding the service, Windscribe offers two different possibilities to get help: You can contact the support team via e-mail or you can check their Q&A website.

Customer service
Interface languageEnglishFrenchGermanRussianSpanishSwedish
Customer serviceEmailQ&A Website
Customer service languageEnglish

Special Options and features

Windscribe VPN offers quite a few interesting features like the integrated tracking blocker and malware filter. Two of all the special options we have to point out especially in our Windscribe VPN review.

1. Filter ads and trackers with Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN allows you to filter content via a proxy service on the Windscribe servers. The advantage is that the filtered content will not reach your PC. The disadvantage is that the proxy service acts as a proxy for the user and therefore has access to encrypted content. A proxy can view, change or even log the user’s data. This danger arises when using any proxy server in general. Whether Windscribe uses these possibilities for logging is unclear but you can’t exclude this option! The use of proxies to filter user data is therefore controversial and/or impossible for many VPN services, not only for this Windscribe review.

However, in the end, the users also benefit from this, because the price of the service is really attractive, and you can use these functions for free. Nonetheless, we generally advise against using these functions when confidential data is involved.

Filters can be used according to different rules:

  • Malware
  • Advertising & Tracker
  • Social networks (Facebook & Co)
  • Erotic sites & contents
  • Games and betting sites
  • Fake News Filter
  • Other VPN Services
  • Kyoto currencies (suspected malware)

It is also possible to manually create your own rules that are applied to all already connected devices. However, it is not possible to activate rules for individual devices only. These rules are generally valid for all devices or none.

2. Using a static IP with Windscribe – great!

So this filtering function is a little bit unsure. But Windscribe also offers the possibility to book a constant static IP address on all devices that can be used with it. This has the advantage that these devices can be reached directly. There are even residential (i.e. IP addresses that are assigned to private Internet access) available.

Windscribe static IP

Advantages of a static IP address:

  • With a static IP address, you can always use the same IP to access the internet and thus to comply with special security rules for accessing databases.
  • Another possibility is to make your device directly accessible from the Internet by port forwarding. This can be an advantage if you want to access certain devices in your network while you are on the road but your internet provider doesn’t allow you to use a static IP or it doesn’t forward ports to your connection from outside.
  • Mobile devices & static devices that use the same IP address can be an advantage if security rules for accessing databases or cloud storage require the use of a single IP address. This increases the security threshold for users when accessing sensitive data, as they must have access to the VPN service. Static IP addresses can be ordered directly from Windscribe in the customer area.
Special functions
Always On Server
Dedicated Server
IP changing
IPv6 (new)
Load Balancing
Malware filter
Multi Hop VPN
No logfiles
Obfuscation (Mask)
Own Hardware
Own IP adresses
Own Torrent Server
Port forwarding
RAM-Disc (k.HDD)
Shared IP
Smart DNS
Static IP
Tracking Blocker
Virtual servers
VPN with TOR

Alternative VPN: Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN is a comparable provider and offers a better price as well as much higher security and can be used on routers without any problems. You can compare this Windscribe VPN review with our Surfshark VPN review and see it for yourself.

Surfshark VPN

Why do so many websites and forums advertise Windscribe?

Last but not least in our Windscribe VPN review we wanted to show you, why there is so much advertising for Windscribe. The provider Windscribe offers 55% of the revenue as a commission to everyone who advertises the product! See affiliate agreement
Therefore, it can be assumed that many who are very positive about it will also have a financial interest in it. You should think carefully about who is pursuing which interests!

Windscribe Affiliate program

German Windscribe reviews

You are looking for German Windscribe reviews? Check out this one. Here you’ll also find the possibility to download Windscribe. But remember: A Windscribe VPN download doesn’t deliver 100% safety for all your internet activities. For example, Windscribe Netflix is not a good idea!

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