VPN Service 2021 – our guide to find the perfect one

Find the best VPN service for your needs!

There are a lot of VPN services on the market. But not all of them are good ones. And not all of them are reliable. To protect your privacy best possible, you must choose the best VPN. Also, a great performance, speed, and other criteria are very important for your decision. We want to support you choose a VPN that suits your individual needs best. In the following guide, you’ll find a lot of helpful information.

What is a VPN? Choose the perfect VPN service

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The word private is most important because a VPN protects your privacy on the Internet: when browsing the Web you transfer a lot of your data. That way you are never anonymized. It’s easy to find out what you do and who you are. We think: That’s not good!

The Internet should be a place where people can communicate and act freely. Without anybody spying on them. Unfortunately, there are millions of cybercriminals and hackers on the Internet who want to compromise your data. And of course, there is also governmental surveillance, the NSA, etc.

What can a VPN service do for you?

Just imagine you are on holiday and use public Wi-fi at the airport. That’s super easy and doesn’t cost any money. You log into your social media accounts and maybe even do a bank transfer online. And suddenly your data is at high risk. Maybe a hacker has entered the public Wi-fi and grabs your banking details. Or he implements a trojan or a virus on your smartphone. There are countless other situations where your privacy and even your data, your money, etc. are on the risk because of the Internet.

How can a VPN help you?

When you use a VPN service, you mask your identity on the Internet. When you are connected to your VPN it protects you for example in a public Wi-fi as described before. All the data you send and receive goes through tunnels and gets end-to-end-encrypted before you reach the website you want to visit. Also, your real IP-address is not in the open because you use one of the VPN servers. That way you stay anonymous and safe. That’s the biggest pro of an Online VPN. But there are a lot more advantages we will tell you about in the following.

Which VPN suits you best?

Like always in life, the answer to that question depends on what you want from a VPN. You should think about why you want to have a VPN in the first place. And what factors of the service are most important for you: Is it the speed? Streaming quality? Torrent availability? In our VPN reviews, we take a detailed look into all these aspects and define the pros and cons of the providers. These VPN reviews should be of great help if you are not yet familiar with VPNs.

What device do you need the VPN Service for?

Normally the providers offer quite an impressive range of software and apps. Depending on the tariff you choose, you also can use the VPN on more than one device simultaneously. But you should consider on what device (laptop, smartphone, etc.) you use the VPN most to choose the right one. If you also want to use the VPN with routers or consoles and smart TVs, the offer is smaller. Watch out, if your favorite provider does have adequate software for these special cases.

Very important: no limits at a bandwidth

Regardless of your devices or the use cases, you need a VPN for: Never forget to check if your provider offers unlimited bandwidth to get fast and stable download speeds without paying extra-fees! Otherwise, you will be very annoyed with the speed and/or because you have to pay more than you initially thought.

Advantages of using a VPN service

Using a VPN can bring a lot of advantages to you. You are not only safer and more anonymous on the internet. A VPN also enhances your streaming and filesharing experience.  

Stay private & safe

Even if you think you are not doing anything wrong or illegal on the Internet you can be at risk! Just think of governmental surveillance in countries like Arabia or China, which block half of the Internet. Additionally, we all are aware that secret services like the NSA know much more about us than we could ever imagine. All your e-mails, chats, etc. are NOT private – unless you use a VPN service to mask your identity!

Avoid Geo-blocking

You surely have come over this very annoying problem: You are on holiday and suddenly you can’t access your favorite newspaper, your social media account, a Netflix series you like to watch… This so-called Geo-blocking happens on the one hand because of restrictive governments like China who forbid a lot of Western websites etc. For example, Twitter or Instagram.

On the other hand, every content underlies licensing systems. An Amazon Prime film you can watch in Germany might be blocked in Spain. But how does the Streaming Service or the Government know that you are not “allowed” to enter? This is because your IP address tells everybody where you are now. The solution is to mask your real IP-address because it shows your location. And that’s exactly what an Online VPN does. You can connect with servers all over the world and pretend you are anywhere to avoid any blocking because of geo-restrictions.

Enjoy high quality-streaming without barriers

Geo-blocking is also an annoying thing for Streaming fans Netflix with the right VPN service . A new film is available at US Netflix – but you are blocked since you are in Germany? You are on vacation and want to watch your favorite football team – but only get a black screen as this content is not available in your holiday resort? The Streaming service knows your IP address and therefore your location.

With a VPN you can bypass these geographical restrictions. But today a lot of VPN providers are nevertheless blocked because the platforms know the server used by the providers. Therefore, you need areal good VPN that has a solution to that dilemma and offers access to all the movies, series, sports games, etc. you like!

Use excellent encryption for your protection

The Internet is no safe place at all. Surveillance, Cybercrime and more are everywhere. Therefore, your data is not safe there, it can easily be stolen and compromised. Companies know about these risks and use encryption for sensible documents. With encryption data gets scrambled and nobody can make sense out of it since he doesn’t have the description key. But this key never comes together with de-encrypted data of course.

So even if somebody steals your data, he can’t read it. Sounds safe but complicated? It might be, but when you use a VPN it does all the encryption work for you. There are a lot of different encryption protocols like PPTP, IKeV6 or L2TP. Some providers also use innovative new protocols. All in the name of Security.

Stay anonym with an Online VPN Stay anonymous on the internet

100 % anonymity is a goal that’s very hard to achieve. With a VPN, you take an important step to that goal. But you also can do other things to protect your privacy – especially regarding your browser. LINK

Without a VPN service the so-called trackers, which exist on nearly every website, will collect data like your location, which device you use, what you do on the website, how often you visit, etc. If you use a VPN these websites are not able to identify you and you stay anonymous. They only see the IP address of the VPN-server you’ve chosen.

Do Filesharing without barriers

Such an anonymous connection has a lot of advantages. For example, you also can do file sharing without problems. Often ISPs block file sharing. But if they don’t know you, they can’t stop you from file-sharing! Or you can access “forbidden” websites in countries like China. And of course, nobody – not your ISP, not your government and also not the NSA – can monitor you and your activities on the internet.

Also with a VPN keep your eyes open!

So, a VPN service helps a lot. But there still are ways the big players can track you. For example, if you are using your Facebook account the social media network will connect your real identity with the VPN server IP you use. That means for Facebook you are not anonymous anymore! Just keep that in mind.

But you see, how much a VPN can help you to stay anonymous on the Internet. And how many advantages and of course safety this offers you!

Regarding all these important factors for choosing the right VPN we also have a recommendation for you. These two VPNs did a great job in our tests and are the best VPNs for now:





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