How to watch BBC iplayer abroad

British television has a lot to offer. Too bad that you can’t use it in other countries like in Germany. But stop! That is not right. There are ways and means to make the dream of the BBC iplayer abroad and therefore also in Germany come true. We’ll show you how.

BBC iplayer abroad – error?

In Great Britain there are a lot of things we appreciate. But Teatime, Big Ben & Co are by far not all highlights. Because the television network BBC, the British Broadcasting Corporation, also offers a great choice of series and films to live news – everything is there. Sounds good? BBC iplayer abroad has its appeal for you too? Unfortunately, instead of the cool BBC series you only get an error …

BBC iplayer abroad - error
If you want to watch the BBC iplayer abroad you get an error.

Geographic barriers block you from streaming with the BBC iplayer abroad

Streaming with the iplayer abroad is simply not allowed. If you are not in Great Britain, you have no access. Why? Easily explained: TV stations and the authors of films etc. work with country-specific licenses. The broadcasters are simply contractually not allowed to show their programmes to users who are not in the UK. Therefore: An error occurs when you try to watch the BBC iplayer abroad. Very annoying as there are so many great BBC series like “Killing Eve” … The principle also applies the other way round: You can stream your German Netflix abroad only with special tricks.

BBC iplayer abroad - featured on BBC One
A lot of great films and series are featured on BBC One.

The solution lies in a British IP address – with a suitable VPN!

BBC iplayer abroad with VyprVPN

So do you have to live without watching the BBC iplayer abroad? Of course not! With a good VPN you can stream your favourite British content wherever you want. Because a VPN can virtually “transfer” you to Great Britain. So, not yourself of course, but your IP address. That’s exactly what the geographic blocks that prevent you from watching the BBC in Germany are all about: The BBC can tell from your IP address that you are not in the UK and therefore cannot access the content. But if you connect to a VPN server in Great Britain, you will also have a British IP address. And then you are no longer blocked.

How to watch BBC iplayer abroad with VyprVPN

We’ve created a simple step-by-step guide how to watch BBC iplayer abroad (in German language) – so you’ll be right back in the middle of British television in no time at all 🙂 Enjoy watching the BBC in Germany and anywhere else!

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BBC iplayer abroad works!
Now the BBC iplayer abroad works!

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