Instagram is no longer cool?

Nobody’s reign lasts forever: once MySpace’s positions seemed indestructible. Instagram, of course, won’t become empty instantly, but it is definitely getting more boring and cloying.

New, creative trendsetters no longer appear on the glossy social network. The leaders are the same for many years – and we are already sick of them: both from the glazed eyes of Kylie Jenner, and the vulgar Nicky Minaj.

They are all the same: pictures in the same locations, constant draws and sales of endless courses.

Rhetoric about Instagram

Instagram is getting more boring and cloying
Instagram is getting more boring and cloying

Nonfulfillment of a plan

In recent years, Instagram has failed the following strategic objectives:

  • Hiding the likes counter has not started en masse. Milk-and-water!
  • IGTV has never taken off. Reels too.
  • The Instagram team has failed to monetize for bloggers. Donates that they invented are not used by anyone even in the USA. The recognized exchange for bloggers, which was promised three years ago, has not been implemented.
  • The Instagram developers can’t be bothered to make an iPad version of the app. And there are actually 360 million iPads in the world. These are the missing MAU numbers.
  • Music and shopping tags for the CIS market have not gone live. Just think: these functions are already 4 years old but all this time Instagram has mercilessly fooled this task, missing out on the giant post-Soviet market.
  • Instagram top manager Vishal Shah promised that Instagram Direct would be a super-duper messenger. Bottom line: it was clumsily mixed with Facebook Messenger, which caused half of the functions to stop working.

Which social network is the best-liked now? However, this is obvious: TikTok.


It’s just silly to ignore TikTok. Although today you can still hear statements like: “This network will not be popular for a long time. Everyone will play, dance around for some time and then quit. ”

By the way, a fact that few people know: TikTok was launched already in 2016. Its path to success was long. But it has not yet reached its maximum point!

Few numbers and more clarity, they speak for themselves. According to official figures, the number of TikTok and Instagram users has become equal: this is one billion users. Only in 2021, their number on TikTok will definitely increase.

Erstellt am: 02/09/2021

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