NordVPN Success Story : 2012-2020

NordVPN launched exactly 8 years ago. It owes its origin to four friends who were dreaming of making the Internet truly independent and free. Creating a new product was not their main occupation, but they did their best to bring the idea to life.

NordVPN Success Story: How it all began

At first, NordVPN could not boast of a large number of possibilities: it was available only for Windows, users had to configure it themselves, and its only server was in Germany. However, soon the service began to ascend. So, by the end of 2012, it had already acquired 6 servers. There is another interesting fact connected with the servers. The creators of NordVPN marked all available servers on the office wall. Later, they used this makeshift map in their application to simplify the process of finding servers.

A year after its birth, NordVPN obtained the support of 1000 users. There were not many specialists in a small but friendly company. However, each of those who worked on the service tried to apply all their knowledge and skills.

First steps

By September 2013, the first NordVPN Windows application was released. The company would need another two years to launch products for iOS and macOS. As for Android, the application for it appeared in 2016, and for Android TV and Linux – in 2018.

Two years later, the number of NordVPN users increased 10 times. Perhaps the secret to success was around-the-clock customer support. Not many providers offered such support.

The impulse for entering the international market for NordVPN was the new law in Australia in 2015. According to it, the personal data of Internet users had to be stored and transferred to the disposal of various authorities. So, the ability to preserve the independence offered has attracted new customers.

NordVPN Birthday: NordVPN Success Story A year later, the service again began to protect Internet users already in Uganda. At the time of the election, tight control over social networks was introduced there, and NordVPN offered emergency VPN assistance. Such a program not only made the service more popular but was also a matter of principle of its founders.

2017 was an all-round growth for NordVPN. It was not only about users but also about the staff. Besides, the founders of the company were still burning with their idea and therefore made sure that NordVPN would acquire new functions.

NordVPN’s Birthday: throughout history

Throughout the company’s history, customer trust has been one of its main goals. That is why she devoted the year 2018 to her policy without log files, testing it both on her own and thanks to third-party organizations. Besides, company employees continued to improve the service.

Last year, NordVPN totaled 12 million users. All of them and potential customers were presented several new products at once – NordPass, NordLocker and NordVPN Teams. Also, NordLynx saw the light, providing fast and secure VPN connections.

Of course, all these achievements are not the limit. The company intends to develop further. And the most important thing for it, as before, is customer trust.

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