Great News: Surfshark WireGuard now available

NordVPN has it, OVPN has it … And now also Surfshark offers the innovative Open Source VPN-protocol WireGuard – with a lot of advantages for users. What can Surfshark WireGuard do for you?

Surfshark WireGuard WireGuard is said to be the next big thing on the VPN market. Some providers have already implemented the popular protocol, Surfshark started doing so this autumn. Compared to other protocols like IKEv2 or OpenVPN WireGuard is known to enable higher speeds. Not just a little, but with WireGuard services run significantly faster. Also, our tests with WireGuard on OVPN or NordLynx have proven that. Surfshark WireGuard is now available for the Windows, macOS, Android and iOS apps – and will be retrofitted to existing installations via software updates.

WireGuard: Open Source, lightweight & secure

WireGuard was originally developed for Linux Kernel by the independent programmer Jason Donenfeld. The protocol really is simple and lightweight: OpenVPN for example needs approx. 40.000 lines of code whereas WireGuard just hast 4.000. These really few lines guarantee that the protocol is less susceptible to security vulnerabilities, as the code is easier and more exact to manage. Also, WireGuard is transparent: Everybody can look into the source code as it is an Open Source. Encryption is up to date, and a new connection handshake takes place every few minutes. Surfshark says in its blog on the topic that with Surfshark WireGuard there is hardly any packet loss compared to other cryptographic solutions.

Double NAT system protects the privacy of users

WireGuard is a great new protocol and will surely be a big part of the VPN’s future. But it also has a big disadvantage in its current program state – maybe you already heard about it: WireGuard assigns the same static IP address each time you connect to a VPN server. OpenVPN and IKEv2 instead assign IP addresses dynamically so you never have the same IP address – which is very good for your privacy. With WireGuard static IP addresses it is possible to conclude the identity of a user.

But Surfshark has a solution to this problem: The provider installed for its Surfshark WireGuard a double NAT system which issues a new dynamic IP address for each connection to a VPN server. Since all servers have been running in RAM mode since the beginning of 2020 and the data is not stored permanently, privacy is better protected on the server-side.

I could recommend you testing the new protocol and see the advantages by yourself. If you don’t have it in your app, just update it. We will test Surfshark WireGuard within the next days – stay tuned!

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Erstellt am: 10/23/2020

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