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On our site we try to explain VPN in all details to our users. Our goal is that you know e Ask your VPN questions! xactly how to protect yourself and your privacy with a VPN. However, we know, that VPNs and its surrounding are not always easy to understand. Our readers often contact us because they have further questions. We love to answer these! So please just contact us via our live chat and we answer all your questions. Additional you have the possibility to answer questions here. The answer will be shown to all our readers and help them.


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VPN questions lead to interesting new answers. Our team of experts look at your question in detail and gives you the best possible answer. You want to set up a home network with your VPN? We advise you! You want to know, why your data is at risk while Torrenting? We tell you why! You are on a holiday and your Netflix doesn’t work anymore? We show you, how you can avoid such Geo-Blocking and watch your favorite series everywhere you are.

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